Naruto: 10 ninjas who never made it to Ultimate Ninja Storm

The last game of Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm it was the game Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 from 2016 . It was followed by a collection containing Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 a 3but it lacked Ultimate Ninja Storm: Generations and Ultimate Ninja Storm: Revolution. Generations and Revolution They weren’t the most substantial additions to the series, but they still contained some original content that would have been welcome in the collection.

The Ultimate Series Ninja Storm was known for her extensive roster of over 100 playable characters. Despite the huge list, there were still notable characters from Naruto that they weren’t playable and would be great additions to a hypothetical Ultimate Ninja Storm 5.

10 Most of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist were never playable.

Like the playable Zabuza and Kisame, the other Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist wielded legendary swords. The Hidden Village in the Mists always had seven swordsmen at a time, but they were replaced upon the death of a member, and their swords were also passed on. Very few of the swordsmen were playable in Ultimate Ninja Storm, but there should have been more on the list.

Mangetsu Hōzuki could liquefy his body and skillfully wield each of the seven legendary swords, but he personally used the Hiramekarei. Fuguki Suikazan wielded the Samehada before it was in Kisame’s possession. Kushimaru Kuriarare possessed a unique, needle-shaped sword, which would have offered players a fast and accurate playing style. There are many other Swordsmen of the Mists, and each of them would have been a great addition to Ultimate Ninja Storm.

9 The Kage’s Companions Shouldn’t Have Been Just Supporting Charactersnaruto 10 ninjas que nunca llegaron a ultimate ninja storm 1

During the Five Kage Summit arc, each of the five Kage featured a bodyguard / escort. Each of the Kage’s helpers were support characters in Generations , but they did not return in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

Akatsuchi and Kurotsuchi joined the Tsuchikage and they were both adept at defensive jutsu. C was a medic ninja and the Raikage’s supporter. Ao used a Byakugan in battle and was the assistant to the Mizukage. Eventually, Fū Yamanaka and Torune Aburame joined the Hokage, each mastering the typical abilities of their clans.

8 Chojuro would have been a popular characternaruto 10 ninjas que nunca llegaron a ultimate ninja storm 2

Chojuro was a member of The Seven Swordsmen and one of the bodyguard characters of the Summit of the Five Kage. Despite being a member of two major groups in Naruto, and to be a only support character in Generations, Chojuro always missed his chances of being playable.

Chojuro’s sword was Hiramekarei, which was transmitted to him by Mangetsu. It could be split into two leaves and infused with chakra to become more powerful. Chojuro eventually became the sixth Mizukage, so he had an impressive and prolific life for a non-playable character.

7 Kurenai Yūhi was important to a supporting characternaruto 10 ninjas que nunca llegaron a ultimate ninja storm 3

Kurenai was a Jōnin and the leader of Team 8, made up of Hinata, Shino, Kiba, and Akamaru. Although it was never playable in Ultimate Ninja Storm, Kurenai was of the same generation as the other Jonin from the first part, which means that she had a strength comparable to that of Asuma, Might Guy, and Kakashi.

Kurenai was capable of traveling across solid, natural surfaces, just like Yamato. Like Itachi, Kurenai mastered Genjutsu and could use illusions better than most of the Konoha ninjas. Kurenai was a supporting character in three games of Ultimate Ninja Storm, but it was never playable.

6 Anko was too cool to be unplayablenaruto 10 ninjas que nunca llegaron a ultimate ninja storm 4

Anko was a Leaf Jonin who trained with Orochimaru before he betrayed Konoha. Anko had a curse mark like Sasuke and knew many of Orochimaru’s techniques, including the Hidden Serpent Hands.

Anko was a supporting character in Revolution, but he would have stood out as a playable character, as his abilities had many similarities to Orochimaru’s. Anko never fully transformed with the curse mark, like Sasuke did, but Ultimate Ninja Storm it could have shown what his transformation looked like for a finishing move.

5 Why not bring back some movie characters and filler episodes?naruto 10 ninjas que nunca llegaron a ultimate ninja storm 5

Naruto movies and filler episodes used to not be as important as episodes adapted directly from the manga. However, they still featured a lot of characters that would have been great for Ultimate Ninja Storm. Toneri, de Naruto: The Last , could use all the transformations of nature. Mondai and Potcha from the filler episodes would have been hilarious joke characters, and Mukade from the time travel of Naruto Shippūden the Movie: La Torre Perdida he was a puppet master like Sasori. Each of these characters from the movie and from the filler episodes would have fit into Ultimate Ninja Storm.

The use of non-canon characters is not something unheard of in anime fighting games. The setsDragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi they included many underrepresented movie characters and served to be used again.

4 Shizune (and Tonton) appeared too much to be unplayablenaruto 10 ninjas que nunca llegaron a ultimate ninja storm 6

Shizune could be the ninja who appeared the most in Naruto and that has not yet entered the list of Ultimate Ninja Storm. Shizune is known above all for being Tsunade’s valuable assistant, being almost always by her side.

She may have been a medical ninja, but Shizune was still highly skilled in combat, using hidden weapons, poisons, and scalpels as weapons. On Ultimate Ninja Storm, Shizune could have joined the Ninja Pig, Tonton, similar to how Akamaru joins Kiba in battle.

3 Lars was the only crossover character in the series and should have crossed over againnaruto 10 ninjas que nunca llegaron a ultimate ninja storm 7

Lars eraan exclusive guest character from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 which came from another Bandai Namco fighting game series: Tekken. On Tekken, Lars used a fast, close-to-the-ground fighting style common in the Tekken Force. Also, his appearance in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 featured a fighting style similar to that of Tekken, but enhanced with ninjutsu.

Although he resembled his version of Tekken, his improved movement made him fit in with the rest of the Naruto cast, and Masashi Kishimoto even gave him a proper redesign.

2 Some ninja animals might have been playable by themselvesnaruto 10 ninjas que nunca llegaron a ultimate ninja storm 8

Some fighting games feature minor characters that become fully playable characters. Bleach: Dark Souls allowed players to use Bonnie, Ganju Shiba’s pet boar, as a fighter. The Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Capcom’s included the little talisman from Hsien-Ko’s hat, known as Mei-Ling, as playable with a cheat code. If those companions can be playable, why can’t the ninja animals of Naruto?

There were many ninja dogs in Naruto, like Pakkun’s team or those raised by the Inuzuka Clan. If only one of those dogs was playable, Akamaru would have been a great choice. Other animals, such as human-sized ninja toads or the king of the monkeys, Enma, would have been worthy opponents of human ninjas.

1 Any Boruto character would have been welcomenaruto 10 ninjas que nunca llegaron a ultimate ninja storm 9

Although Boruto: Naruto Next Generations still an ongoing series, it has featured a host of viable characters for Ultimate Ninja Storm 5. Most of the Konoha 11 had children who went on to become ninjas with their own stories and abilities, which would make any of them great playable characters.

Some plausible additions to the cast of Tormenta Ninja include Chōchō Akimichi, Mirai Sarutobi, or any of the members of the Ōtsutsuki Clan introduced in Boruto.