Naruto: 10 Powerful Minor Character Quotes

It is almost impossible to think of Naruto without remembering the many shocking quotes that remain on the fans. After all, one of Naruto’s biggest jokes in combat, aside from his jinchuriki skills, is his “Talk no Jutsu”, also known as his tendency to give inspiring speeches to both villains and fellow shinobi. of the sheet. Naruto’s mentors like Kakashi and Jiraiya are also incredibly wise and have spoken many memorable phrases.

However, the big names in the series are not the only ones who have their moment of prominence. Even other minor characters who don’t appear as much on screen as the main team have their share of shocking quotes, and it’s great to see a series that allows them moments that are sometimes just as shocking as the main cast.

10 “You were always by my side … the least I can do is be with you, in the end.” – Zabuza

The Land of Waves arc is the first in the entire series and continues to be fondly remembered by fans. This is mainly due to the nature of the relationship between Haku and Zabuza, and the way it matures from when Zabuza uses Haku until he realizes his true feelings for the other and breaks down in tears.

Zabuza realizes that he has not been treating Haku as he deserves, and in his last moments he lies beside him, stating that it is the least he could do. It is one of the most moving and beautiful scenes that any villain in the series has ever been given.

9 “People’s life does not end when they die. It ends when they lose faith.” – Hanzonaruto 10 poderosas citas de personajes menores 1

Hanzo is not seen much in the series, but his role is important despite being brief, as he is the character who originally named the Legendary Sannin. It states that death is not the end of a person’s life, but rather that a person’s life ends when they lose their faith.

It is a line that shows how strong their ideologies are, and this conviction is shown in their fighting style. He has a habit of sparing the lives of opponents he has defeated, provided he feels they have strong faith during his fights with them.

8 “Even retired and with one foot in the grave, I will continue to act. I have too many regrets to die yet.” – Chiyonaruto 10 poderosas citas de personajes menores 2

Lady Chiyo doesn’t appear much in the series, aside from the Sasori arc and some flashbacks, but she packs a punch. Not only is she part of an incredible fight in which she and Sakura take down Sasori, but she gives her own life to save Gaara’s.

The first time he states that he will accompany them to find Sasori, since retirement has passed, there is a great rejection. She responds that she will continue to act, as she has too many regrets to let her age and past paralyze her.

7 “When a person has something they want to protect, that is when they can become truly strong.” – Hakunaruto 10 poderosas citas de personajes menores 3

Being a key piece of the same arc as Zabuza – and the villain’s right hand man – it stands to reason that Haku has his own powerful lines. It is memorable that he tells Naruto that a person becomes truly strong when he has something he wants to protect.

Haku is living proof of this ideology, as he is immensely powerful and is only defeated due to Naruto harnessing the power of the Nine Tails. Naruto even quotes this phrase later, proving that this – and Haku’s ideals – stuck with him.

6 “We fight believing in our own righteousness. But if the enemy does the same, who is right?” – Shisuinaruto 10 poderosas citas de personajes menores 4

Shisui plays an important role in the story, although he is only present in flashbacks. After Danzo removes one of his eyes from the Sharingan, he decides to entrust the other to Itachi and asks him to protect the village and the Uchiha name.

With regard to justice, it raises a point that invites reflection, stating that each one fights believing in their own justice. This blurs the lines between who is right and who is wrong, making things grayer than black and white.

5 “Remember who you are! Find a goal … a dream … and don’t stop trying until it comes true.” – Kushinanaruto 10 poderosas citas de personajes menores 5

Kushina has also appeared only in flashbacks, appearing just in time to prevent Naruto from being consumed by the hatred of the Nine Tails. And although their appearances are minor, their value and impact on history cannot be considered such.

She helps form the foundation for Naruto’s personality, and the messages she gives to her son are beautiful and that everyone can take seriously. He points out that even people who endure deep pain and suffering must find and pursue their dream, no matter what.

4 “Everyone is given life for a reason. Everyone has something important to achieve.” – Kimimaronaruto 10 poderosas citas de personajes menores 6

Despite being a minor villain who doesn’t stick around long, it’s hard to forget about Kimimaro. His fighting style and appearance are one of the most unique in the series thanks to his kekkei genkai.

He also has a hard-hitting philosophy that viewers can take into account, without the fact, of course, that Kimimaro’s personal reasons for living involve being a tool for Orochimaru. Still, it’s comforting to think that each person has a purpose, and that no one is given life for no reason.

3 “By knowing people’s pain and shedding the same tears, we can get closer to the real world!” – Yahikonaruto 10 poderosas citas de personajes menores 7

Yahiko’s ultimate goal is to bring peace to the shinobi world. This is so despite the fact that he is a war orphan who sees much of the cruelty of the world throughout his life. He also founds the original Akatsuki, whose mission is to end war without violence.

He also has an incredibly mature view of pain. Instead of being something to avoid, he insists, people should embrace pain and use it to be able to sympathize with others and get closer to the world around them.

2 “Never underestimate your opponent, no matter how small.” – Shinonaruto 10 poderosas citas de personajes menores 8

Although not too secondary a character as part of the Konoha 11, Shino is criminally underused compared to most of his peers. His fighting style is incredibly unique, if a bit creepy.

Although he is rather on the quiet side, he still has words of wisdom to share from time to time. It’s easy to doubt others or even yourself because of appearances or assumptions, but it’s something people should avoid doing if they can help it.

1 “It takes time to make ideals come true. If you rush, you will lose sight of everything else and make mistakes …” – Onokinaruto 10 poderosas citas de personajes menores 9

If judged only by his personality, Onoki is not the most respectable character. He is stubborn, hypocritical with Tsunade, and even has verbal altercations with Gaara after the latter becomes Kazekage.

However, despite all this, it offers some valuable advice that should be taken seriously. Trying to realize one’s ideals can have harsh consequences, and it is far better for people to take the time to remain calm and see things the right way.