Naruto: 10 strong characters who started out weak

One of the recurring themes of the universeNaruto it is the progression of power. Throughout the series, both the heroes and the villains have put in the effort and, in many cases, managed to reach their full potential. This has resulted in many memorable and epic battles, especially since they have grown.

The contrast between the weak ninjas they are at first and the strong they become is nothing short of impressive. By identifying the characters with the most beautiful and impressive transformations, we can better appreciate the merits of hard work, persistence, and a refusal to abandon one’s dream.

10 Choji went from soft pacifist to unstoppable juggernaut

At first, Choji’s sensitive nature made it difficult for him to stand out as a shinobi. He didn’t want to hurt anyone despite the necessity of the situation and was often too soft in fights.

Eventually, he grew strong during his battle with Jirobo, in which he ate the red spinach pill, a vitamin that he believed could kill him, in order to gain the strength he needed to turn the tables. Choji also mustered the determination to take down Asuma during the Fourth Shinobi War.

9 Hinata found her courage fighting painnaruto 10 personajes fuertes que empezaron siendo debiles 1

Hinata began her career as a ninja as a shy young woman and too insecure to be noticed. After being mistreated by Neji, she continued training so that one day she could be worthy of Naruto’s love.

His aspirations would come true several years later when he faced the Akatsuki leader, Pain. Although Hinata did not manage to defeat him, she invoked such an amount of chakra in her palms that she managed to repel it while Naruto recovered. Without his sacrifice, Naruto would not have been able to finish the match.

8 Danzo was nothing before he got the Izanagi armnaruto 10 personajes fuertes que empezaron siendo debiles 2

Although Danzo had fought alongside Tobirama and Hiruzen in a previous war, he lacked courage or any jutsu that could distinguish him. As a result, Hiruzen was chosen over him when the Hokage’s mantle was to be passed down.

After joining forces with Orochimaru, Danzo upgraded his body to withstand ten sharingan with the use of Hashirama cells. He became such a major threat that he nearly killed Sasuke Uchiha, who at the time was strong enough to fight the Fourth Raikage evenly.

7 Kabuto expanded his medical knowledge to become a monsternaruto 10 personajes fuertes que empezaron siendo debiles 3

At first, Kabuto was pretty unimpressive. His only notable assets were chakra scalpels, a moderate healing factor, and a basic genjutsu that he used to subject the audience to the Chunin Exams.

Following Orochimaru’s death, he recommitted himself to his work and improved his body beyond belief. Now that he has perfected the Serpent Sage jutsu, all the techniques of the Sound of the Four, and even many of the forbidden abilities known to his master, Kabuto has surpassed Orochimaru as the deadliest rogue in Konoha.

6 Rock Lee laughed at his lack of Ninjutsu and Genjutsunaruto 10 personajes fuertes que empezaron siendo debiles 4

During his childhood, Rock Lee was teased for his aspirations to become a ninja due to his lack of ninjutsu and genjutsu. At the time, he had a hard time keeping up with others, although he did not let his detractors ruin his dreams.

After starting training with the Might Guy, Rock Lee became one of the best taijutsu masters on the Blade. Although his abilities required intense training, he became powerful enough to defeat Sasuke, strike at Gaara despite his sand armor, and even destroy meteorites with a single kick.

5 Sasori only began to perfect his dolls after the death of his parentsnaruto 10 personajes fuertes que empezaron siendo debiles 5

Throughout his youth, Sasori was not an exceptional promise. He stayed with Grandma Chiyo and spent most of his time in her room without anyone taking care of him.

However, he would not be alone forever. Over time, he began creating puppets from human corpses to obey his will. Sasori made so many dolls and with such skill that his body count numbered in the hundreds, which earned him the nickname “Sasori of the Red Sand” and caught the attention of the Akatsuki. His most famous death was that of the Third Kazekage, a shinobi who is rumored to be stronger than Gaara.

4 Obito was a hardhead until he met Madaranaruto 10 personajes fuertes que empezaron siendo debiles 6

At first, Obito was not a particularly renowned shinobi. He was constantly humiliated by Kakashi and often lagged behind, similar to how Naruto did with Sasuke.

Ironically, getting crushed by a rock was the biggest thing that happened to Obito in terms of getting stronger. After meeting Madara Uchiha, he mastered his Hashirama cells, refined the Kamui, and even stole a Rinnegan from Nagato for his personal use.

3 Naruto was ignored by his people until he proved his worthnaruto 10 personajes fuertes que empezaron siendo debiles 7

At first, Naruto had a hard time controlling Kurama and couldn’t trust him in battle. Born with poor chakra control, he battled mediocre opponents like Zabuza and Haku.

As time passed, Naruto’s strength increased in various ways. Not only did Jiraiya teach him Rasengan, but he also learned to invoke toads and the sage’s jutsu. Perhaps most importantly, Naruto made his peace with Kurama, collected the second half of Minato’s Nine-Tails energy, and received Hagoromo’s blessing. With these augmentations, he became powerful enough to defeat the most sinister members of the Otsutsuki Clan.

2 Konohamaru went from brat to rasengan-throwing geniusnaruto 10 personajes fuertes que empezaron siendo debiles 8

At first, Konohamaru showed the same immaturity that Naruto had in his day. However, as his idol matured, the genin realized that he had to put aside his rogue character if he wanted to be taken seriously as the successor to the Sarutobi Clan.

Over time, Konohamaru grew so strong that he perfected the Rasengan and used it to erase a path of Pain. In doing so, he accomplished more than many of the seasoned Jonin of the Blade during the Blade’s invasion.

1 Sakura went from being a joke to a worthy member of Team Sevennaruto 10 personajes fuertes que empezaron siendo debiles 9

In the original series, Sakura constantly felt bad for not being anywhere near Naruto or Sasuke in matters of utility. Objectively speaking, it was a legitimate self-criticism because, without any remarkable technique of his own, it was almost impossible to keep up with his peers.

During the events of Shippuden, Sakura proved to be a worthy member of Team Seven. Not only was she responsible for healing Kankuro and defeating the villainous Sasori, she was also the only person who, without Hagoromo’s blessing, directly contributed to the fight against Kaguya.