Naruto: 10 things Hiruzen would be doing if he was still alive

HiruzenSarutobi was the Third Hokage of Konohagakure and one of the most influential characters in all the series ofNaruto. Known for being a student of both the First and Second Hokage, Hiruzen embodied the best qualities of his teachers and went on to become the longest-serving Hokage in Konoha.

Unfortunately, he met his end at the hands of his student, Orochimaru, during the Konoha Crush arc, and the role passed to Tsunade. However, if Hiruzen Sarutobi had survived the encounter, things in Konohagakure would have been very different in the story that follows.

10 Hiruzen would have led the village longer

It’s safe to say that Hiruzen Sarutobi wasn’t going to be around forever, given that he was already quite old when he died. If he had survived the fight against Orochimaru, he would undoubtedly have held the position for longer. Most likely, Hiruzen would have been the Hokage until the end of the story, where he would likely have passed either Kakashi Hatake or Tsunade Senju, before Naruto finally took the place himself.

9 Hiruzen Sarutobi would train to get fitnaruto 10 cosas que hiruzen estaria haciendo si aun estuviera vivo 1

Although Hiruzen Sarutobi was certainly very old, he was also very intelligent, and had he lived, he would have realized that the fleeting peace the world was enjoying was coming to an end with the threat of the Akatsuki. To prepare himself and the village, Hiruzen would have done his best to put himself in the best possible shape so that he could help against the looming threats in the best possible way.

8 Hiruzen Sarutobi would raise someone to be the next Hokagenaruto 10 cosas que hiruzen estaria haciendo si aun estuviera vivo 2

As mentioned above, Hiruzen would most likely have passed on the title of Hokage to someone later on if he had lived a little longer, and Kakashi Hatake and Tsunade Senju were the two most suitable candidates. Tsunade was Hiruzen’s student and was as strong as Orochimaru and Jiraiya, so it was most likely his next choice. However, Kakashi would not have been a bad choice either, given that he would have grown much stronger and would be in his prime after the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War.

7 Hiruzen Sarutobi would teach children the will of firenaruto 10 cosas que hiruzen estaria haciendo si aun estuviera vivo 3

Hiruzen Sarutobi largely embodied the Will of Fire transmitted to him by his masters. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Will of Fire is the core of the series. Naruto and that Hiruzen Sarutobi is the one who best embodies it.

When he was alive, he tried to transmit the Will of Fire to the children of the village at every opportunity he got, and he would surely continue to do so until his death.

6 Hiruzen would do anything to stop the Akatsukinaruto 10 cosas que hiruzen estaria haciendo si aun estuviera vivo 4

Being the leader of Konohagakure, Hiruzen Sarutobi would have been expected to fight the Akatsuki when the time came. In the Fourth Great Ninja War, the Akatsuki declared war on everyone, and Hiruzen would have undoubtedly been at the center of it all as the strongest of the Five Kage. His role in the war would also have been very interesting to watch, and fans could have taken another look at his tremendous power.

5 Hiruzen Sarutobi would have helped Naruto grownaruto 10 cosas que hiruzen estaria haciendo si aun estuviera vivo 5

Hiruzen Sarutobi was one of the greatest teachers in the world of Naruto, and his knowledge of the ninja arts was on a level of its own. Naruto Uzumaki would certainly have benefited from his wisdom if Hiruzen was still around after Naruto had some time to mature. Although Hiruzen never trained him, he could have stepped in later in the series, given that the blonde haired ninja was much more eager to learn and was more respectful of his elders.

4 Hiruzen Sarutobi would have trained Konohamarunaruto 10 cosas que hiruzen estaria haciendo si aun estuviera vivo 6

Naruto Uzumaki is certainly not the only character Hiruzen would have trained had he lived. His grandson, Konohamaru Sarutobi, had his blood in his veins, and the Third Hokage would no doubt have been pleased to further his clan’s legacy.

By training Konohamaru, Hiruzen would have raised an excellent shinobi who might have been worthy of becoming the Hokage of the village as well. Needless to say, it would have been a lot stronger than it is right now.

3 Hiruzen Sarutobi would help raise Mirai Sarutobinaruto 10 cosas que hiruzen estaria haciendo si aun estuviera vivo 7

As Asuma Sarutobi died fighting the Akatsuki, Kurenai Yuhi ended up raising Mirai Sarutobi alone. However, if Hiruzen Sarutobi were alive, he would have helped Kurenai raise her daughter. Mirai is the granddaughter of Hiruzen Sarutobi and, for him, it would have been a great opportunity to strengthen family ties. Thanks to their help, Kurenai’s life would have been much easier and, at the same time, Mirai would have had a good memory of her grandfather.

2 Hiruzen Sarutobi would have also trained Mirai Sarutobinaruto 10 cosas que hiruzen estaria haciendo si aun estuviera vivo 8

Mirai has grown into a powerful kunoichi, and right now she is a village Chunin. If Hiruzen had lived, he would have loved to help her grow by training her whenever he had time. Under the guidance of someone as great as the Third Hokage, Mirai would have become an extremely capable ninja and possibly have progressed to the rank of Jonin as well. Hiruzen’s years of experience would have helped Mirai become an exemplary shinobi.

1 Hiruzen Sarutobi would eventually retire and restnaruto 10 cosas que hiruzen estaria haciendo si aun estuviera vivo 9

Assuming Hiruzen survived the Fourth Great Ninja War, he would have finally resigned his position and passed the title of Hokage on to someone else. The rest of his life would be spent away from the problems that the Hokage office entails, and he would probably be resting. Hiruzen’s hobbies, such as painting, would probably have received much more attention from him after he retired and would have made him much more relaxed than when he was in charge.