Naruto: 10 things Minato would be doing if he were alive

Minato Namikaze was the Fourth Hokage of Konohagakure and a ninja who was considered a genius by many others in the world of Naruto. Minato fought in the Third Great Ninja War, and his achievements throughout the war eventually made him the Hokage.

Unfortunately, he ended up dying shortly after becoming a Hokage when Obito Uchiha attacked the village with the Nine Tails. To protect his son, Minato gave up his life and sealed the Nine Tails. If he were still alive, there would be many things he would want to do.

10 He would still be the Hokage of the Village

Minato became a Hokage at an extremely young age. He is considered one of the youngest Hokage in all of history. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 24 when the Nine Tails attacked the village. The series of Naruto It started 12 years later, and he would have remained the Hokage had he survived that fateful night. In fact, it could also have been the Hokage in the series of Borutosince he would have only been fifty years old during that time of peace.

9 Minato would still be a legendary ninjanaruto 10 cosas que minato estaria haciendo si estuviera vivo 1

Minato’s achievements in the Third Great Ninja War made him a true hero and earned him the title of Hokage. If he had never died, he would have also led the Fourth Great Ninja War and grown stronger. Minato’s reputation would have skyrocketed after the war, and he might have become more famous than any other shinobi alive. Without a doubt, Minato’s legendary status would have risen even higher.

8 It would have developed its full potentialnaruto 10 cosas que minato estaria haciendo si estuviera vivo 2

As stated above, Minato died at the young age of 24, which means that he was nowhere near in his prime as a shinobi. Minato still had a lot of room to grow, and he would have become much stronger than before if he had had more time. Minato’s jutsu arsenal would have been much greater, and he might have been able to be even faster than he was during the Third Great Ninja War.

7 I would enjoy the fights against Aynaruto 10 cosas que minato estaria haciendo si estuviera vivo 3

Ay and Minato met during the Third Great Ninja War and fought a brief battle that ended in Minato’s favor. The two earned a great deal of respect for each other, which deepened over time.

If Minato were still around, the two would have fought on many more occasions. In fact, they might even have teamed up to take down big threats like Madara.

6 He would have learned the remaining transformations of naturenaruto 10 cosas que minato estaria haciendo si estuviera vivo 4

By the age of 24, Minato had mastered the three transformations of nature, which included the Release of Wind, Release of Fire, and Release of Lightning. Although he was certainly capable, he never had a chance to learn Land and Water Liberation. If Minato were still alive, it goes without saying that at some point he would have learned to use the other two types of nature as well. With that, Minato could have easily increased his arsenal of jutsu, and that would have made him a more versatile fighter.

5 would have perfected the Rasengannaruto 10 cosas que minato estaria haciendo si estuviera vivo 5

The Rasengan was invented by Minato Namikaze by observing a Tailed Beast Ball. Although Minato’s Rasengan was extremely powerful on its own, it was not perfect. Minato Namikaze wanted to complete the jutsu by adding his nature transformation to it and altering it through form transformation. Sadly, he died before achieving that goal. However, if he were still alive, he would no doubt have added some or all of the natures to the Rasengan and developed a stronger version of the jutsu.

4 I would have perfected the use of the wise waynaruto 10 cosas que minato estaria haciendo si estuviera vivo 6

At some point, Minato Namikaze learned to use Mount Myoboku’s Sage Mode. Unlike Jiraiya, Minato’s use of Sage Mode was incredibly refined, as he could perfectly balance the natural chakra with his own.

However, he was unable to maintain this power for a long time. With more time, he could have experimented with the technique more and used it more efficiently.

3 I would teach various jutsu to Narutonaruto 10 cosas que minato estaria haciendo si estuviera vivo 7

As Naruto’s father, it goes without saying that Minato would have overseen his son’s growth as a ninja. He would have helped his son with various jutsu, and they could have trained together every day. In various fillers of Naruto, Minato had been shown training Naruto, giving fans a taste of what he could have been. Naruto might even have learned the various transformations of nature under Minato’s guidance.

2 I would have raised Naruto with love and carenaruto 10 cosas que minato estaria haciendo si estuviera vivo 8

Throughout his childhood, Naruto felt lonely and had no one to raise him. Naruto grew up alone, and it was a miracle that he never got into a dark path. If Minato were alive, he would have made sure that Naruto never lacked for anything in life, including comfort and a caring father. Minato would have been Naruto’s rock that would help him become a splendid human being.

1 he would fight the members of Karanaruto 10 cosas que minato estaria haciendo si estuviera vivo 9

Kara is a criminal organization in the series Boruto serving a man known as Jigen. The members of Kara are quite powerful and fearsome, but what makes them truly dangerous is the fact that they want to harvest a chakra fruit on earth. If Minato were alive, he sure would have fought the Kara members by now. Even if he couldn’t have defeated Jigen, he could have done a lot of damage to the organization by himself.