Naruto: 10 things you didn’t know about Kurenai

In the heart of Naruto its characters are found, as the series wouldn’t be the same without the dozens of colorful personalities that make up its cast. And, for the most part, these characters get incredible development, even though they’re not exactly considered a main character by show standards. They don’t have to be for them to thrive and feel satisfied, and it’s one of the best parts of the series.

When it comes to on-screen development, it feels like Naruto’s classmates and peers get a lot more development than older shinobi like many of the jonin who lead younger squads. And while this makes sense, given the fact that most of their development takes place when they’re younger – before the series takes place – it means that there are a lot of little bits of information about jonin like Kurenai that can be overlooked. easily.

10 Her Original English Voice Actress Changed After A Single Episode

While it’s typical for characters to have only one voice actor for the entire series, it’s not uncommon for an incredibly long series to have to turn things around after quite some time. In Kurenai’s case, however, her original English voice actress is changed after her first appearance.

When Kurenai debuts in the third episode, her English voice actress is Saffron Henderson. Afterwards, her voice is that of Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, although it is not known exactly why this change was made.

9 She is cheerful and supportive as a girlnaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre kurenai 1

Kurenai is depicted as a caring but courageous jonin who can often appear quite serious. And although she is seen helping her team members and giving them advice whenever possible, she is not very loud with their support, but rather more subtly.

When viewers are shown a glimpse of Kurenai in her childhood, in a team alongside Asuma, she is loud and supportive. He has no problem raising his voice and cheering on his teammates, practically beaming with excitement, and it’s great to see him.

8 He wants to help stop the Nine-Tailed Fox, but his father stops himnaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre kurenai 2

When the Nine-Tailed Fox attack occurs, Kurenai is a recent jonin along with others like Kakashi and Might Guy. As a group, they try to join the fight to stop the fox from destroying the village and taking innocent lives, but Kurenai’s father is one of the shinobi who forbids them.

Although they see it as incredibly unfair – and it takes a staggering amount of courage to stand up to a jinchuriki – it is for the good of the village and to protect their lives. The older generation wanted someone to stay behind, in case things went wrong, so that they could pass on the Will of Fire to future generations.

7 She is part of the reason Kakashi is reassigned from the ANBU to being a Joninnaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre kurenai 3

Before Kakashi assumes his responsibility as a jonin who oversees the new squads, and is subsequently tasked with taking care of Squad Seven, he is part of the ANBU’s Black Operations. And while he’s certainly qualified for the job he’s doing, the point is, life sucks him out.

This is something that certainly does not go unnoticed by his friends, and Kurenai – along with Asuma and the Might Guy – begs the Third Hokage to reassign him as jonin. They do it in the hope that he can regain some of his joy and kindness, and he seems to enjoy teaching Naruto and the others a lot more.

6 Tries to ask if Hiashi is really okay with giving up Hinata and is quickly firednaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre kurenai 4

Kurenai is not only Hinata’s sensei, but she personally comes to remove Hinata from her father Hiashi’s care. When she does, she tries to ask her if she is really okay with abandoning her daughter like that, which shows her more caring side.

He rejects her immediately, saying that his Clan has no place for anyone who is too weak to prove themselves as part of it. Kurenai later becomes an almost fatherly figure to Hinata, knowing that she does not receive her from her father.

5 He tries to help Hinata in her attempts to win Naruto’s affectionnaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre kurenai 5

Continuing with Kurenai’s role as a mother figure in Hinata’s life, she can be seen even trying to help Hinata with her love life. During the Chunin exams, Hinata tries to offer Naruto healing salve, but stumbles over his words due to how embarrassed she is.

Kurenai oversees this and actually steps in to help convince Naruto to take it from her and help the two of them bond. It’s an incredibly sweet character moment for her that shows that she cares not only about her students’ progress as ninjas, but about their relationships as well.

4 The truth of his relationship with Asuma is only confirmed after his deathnaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre kurenai 6

Kurenai is part of one of the most tragic romantic relationships in the series, given her relationship with her partner Jonin Asuma Sarutobi. Both are friends since childhood and end up falling in love with each other, but their relationship is not really confirmed and they deny it when they are accused of being a couple.

There couldn’t be a more tragic way for the revelation to finally come to light, and it’s also one of the most painful. Only after Asuma’s death is it shown that Kurenai is pregnant with his son, confirming that the two were in a relationship.

3 She is Konoha’s number one in genjutsu, on the same level as Itachinaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre kurenai 7

It’s too bad Kurenai’s combat skills don’t seem to get much attention in the series, aside from a memorable showdown with the Akatsuki in the first part. Genjutsu is underused in the series, and Kurenai could turn that around as she is Konoha’s number one genjutsu master.

His skills are so advanced that he is on equal footing with Itachi when it comes to genjutsu prowess, which is quite a feat. It would have been brilliant to see someone like Ino learning genjutsu from Kurenai, as the former’s abilities already act as genjutsu, and the latter tends to use things like tree branches and flower petals in her illusions, which Ino is familiar with. .

2 His incredible personal stats are offset by his low speed and staminanaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre kurenai 8

Thanks to the Naruto data books, there are official combat statistics for most of the main characters in the series. Most of her stats are quite high, as Kurenai is a jonin who uses genjutsu in an incredible way.

His genjutsu is naturally the strongest, at a five out of five, while his ninjutsu, taijutsu, intelligence, and speed are all four. His hand stamps rank between them at a four and a half, and speed and stamina are by far his lowest tricks, at a two.

1 Has no problem admitting that he is wrong and recognizing the strength of othersnaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre kurenai 9

Part of what makes a great jonin is emotional maturity, and Kurenai shows that he certainly does possess this trait. During the Chunin exams, when Naruto is chosen to fight Kiba, Kurenai can’t help but comment that Naruto doesn’t stand a chance.

However, fans are aware that Naruto ends up getting a victory against Kiba, and Kurenai shows no ill will towards him for it. In fact, Kurenai even recognizes him as a strong opponent and no longer despises his abilities after this match.