Naruto: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rock Lee

Lee’s initial introduction into Naruto It seems more like a joke than anything else: he wants to win the affection of Sakura, who is “humorously” disgusted with his appearance. Fortunately, this is immediately rectified by his actions in the Chunin Exams arc, both within the Forest of Death and in his fight against Gaara. He also has to show his bravery by putting his life to a fifty percent chance of surviving surgery after the extremes he goes to in an attempt to secure victory.

His willpower is unmatched by almost anyone in the series, and Lee accepts from a young age that he will have to try harder than anyone else to go as far as he lacks other forms of combat apart from taijutsu. He ends up becoming an incredibly beloved character, and there are a ton of little details about him that may have been overlooked by fans.

10 he and his son found their own clan in the novel Boruto: Naruto the Movie

Unlike many of his peers, Rock Lee does not come from any of the noble ninja clans that exist in Konohagakure. However, he does not let this fact discourage him, and in fact he is seen founding his own clan with his son in the novel by Boruto: Naruto The Movie. It is appropriately titled the Lee clan, and shows that he considers himself a taijutsu master enough to lead his own clan.

9 Forces himself to undergo arduous training when he feels he has failed himself or othersnaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre rock lee 1

Overall, Lee seems to be a positive and motivated person who doesn’t let harsh realities keep him from doing his best. However, some of the ways you do it can be surprisingly negative, forcing yourself to go through a grueling workout if you feel like you’ve failed yourself or others.

While trying harder with rigorous training isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, Lee is sometimes seen taking it too far. Especially in his days at the Academy, when he couldn’t keep up with his training, he pushed himself even more to the point of being physically exhausted.

8 He carries a small book with advice from Guy-Senseinaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre rock lee 2

It’s no exaggeration to say that Rock Lee and Might Guy have one of the best student-mentor relationships in the entire series. Might Guy takes a special interest in Lee after learning about his status in taijutsu and seeing how motivated he is, reminding himself of himself. Rock Lee is shown to value Might Guy’s wisdom above all else, and in fact can be seen pulling out a small book on occasion that he uses to jot down or recall his sensei’s advice.

7 Seeing Neji’s defeat at the hands of Naruto awakens new hope in Leenaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre rock lee 3

Throughout his life, Lee has believed in his personal mantra that dedication and hard work can beat natural talent. Despite this, every time he tries to challenge Neji to prove it, he is never able to defeat him.

This would put anyone off with enough time, but a new hope and inspiration is born within Lee after seeing Naruto’s victory against Neji in the Chunin Exams. This is because Naruto is a supposed failure on the part of everyone else, similar to how Lee was treated, helping him to believe in his personal dream again.

6 Lee is always in love with Sakura, as evidenced by his infinite dream Tsukuyominaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre rock lee 4

When Rock Lee is first introduced, he is immediately smitten with Sakura, who seems to completely reject his advances. Later, she becomes friendly with him after he shows his true personality by protecting her in the Chunin exams, but the two never become a couple.

And although Lee ends up marrying someone else and starting a family, it is shown that he always keeps his feelings for Sakura in the back of his mind. His dream of the Infinite Tsukuyomi was to win Sakura’s affection.

5 He is considered a Taijutsu master at thirteen, while most characters have to reach adulthood firstnaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre rock lee 5

Rock Lee’s philosophy that hard work can equal or even exceed natural talent doesn’t come out of nowhere. He works so tirelessly to master his taijutsu skills that he is considered a master at only thirteen years old. Although most of the Konoha 11s end up dominating at something, it is usually not until adulthood that they achieve this status, making Lee’s abilities exceptionally impressive.

4 In the anime, he is shown to be able to dispel genjutsu despite not being able to use it himself.naruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre rock lee 6

Lee is limited to taijutsu only and cannot use any ninjutsu or genjutsu. Even so, in the anime he is seen dispelling the genjutsu of other person, which is still a valuable skill. Also, despite not being able to use his chakra to perform ninjutsu, he can handle basic chakra control techniques, such as using the chakra to walk on water or vertical surfaces, such as trees.

3 His official stats for both strength and speed are near perfectnaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre rock lee 7

Thanks to the official data books of NarutoCreated by Masashi Kishimoto, most of the characters in the series have a score of one to five on their combat stats. And while Lee’s scores in ninjutsu and genjutsu are virtually non-existent, he more than makes up for it in other areas.

His ninjutsu is actually only one and a half points, while his genjutsu – and understandably his manual skills as well – come in at a meager one. His intelligence is a two, while his stamina is a three and a half, finishing his speed and strength at a staggering four and a half out of five.

2 Masashi himself claimed that Lee represents human weakness at first along with Sakuranaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre rock lee 8

Often times, some of the most interesting facts about a character do not appear on screen, but are obtained second-hand through things like the author’s notes and interviews with the creators. In a Shonen Jump interview with Masashi Kishimoto, he claims that Lee and Sakura initially pretend to represent human weakness.

Lee’s immediate attraction to Sakura makes the most sense given this context, as it makes the two of them incredibly similar. Kishimoto also points out that Lee is actually his favorite character to draw, probably due to his unique style, even compared to other characters.

1 He’s in the top ten most popular Naruto characters overallnaruto 10 cosas que no sabias sobre rock lee 9

Despite being held up by many in the anime, Lee has always had an incredibly warm reception from fans. Character popularity polls put him in the top ten in the top four polls, which is impressive considering his competition. In the third data book, all the poll statistics are combined and Lee ranks as the ninth most popular character.