Naruto: 10 things you should know about Kankuro

The relationships between the hidden villages in Naruto and the shinobi that reside in them are a big part of the series’ overall story. It is not strange that a village goes from wanting to destroy the Hidden Leaf for one reason or another to ending up being one of its greatest allies and supporters, as is the case with Sunagakure. This also means that characters who used to be antagonists end up being some of the most beloved characters in Naruto, as is the case with Gaara and Temari – and to a lesser extent, Kankuro.

Kankuro comes across as an incredibly cocky character, but it’s not that he lacks skills to back up his words. He is simply very proud of his village and understands how powerful he and his brothers are. As he matures, he becomes more caring and approachable, becoming Gaara’s most trusted bodyguard and advisor.

10 Argue With Gaara About Who Should Marry And Have Children First

In the novel by Gaara Hiden , it is argued that if neither Kankuro nor Gaara have children who become heirs, the position of Kazekage could go to a Konoha ninja. This is due to the fact that Temari is alongside Shikamaru, and any children she has will be Konoha’s ninja.

Not surprisingly, Sunagakure wants his village chief to be a Sunagakure ninja, and the council tries to pressure Gaara into finding a mate and having children. He deviates towards Kankuro, saying that the eldest son should marry first, but Kankuro’s rebuttal is that the Kazekage should marry before him.

9 English voice actor changes after the first Shippuden arcnaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre kankuro 1

Kankuro’s original English voice actor, Michael Lindsay, is incredibly beloved, not only for his role in the series, but also for characters like Uehara from Bleach. Following the arc of the Kazekage Rescue Mission, he is replaced by the man who also voices Asuma, Doug Erholtz, who also does a fantastic job.

It’s common for characters to switch voice actors after a big timeskip, such as having different actors to voice them as children and adults, but there is no reason listed why this change is made. Michael tragically passed away in 2019, but the change was made almost a decade earlier, which means that this is not the reason for the change.

8 He is one of the only characters of his age to become Jonin in the second part of the seriesnaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre kankuro 2

When the Blank Period comes after Shippuden, there are quite a few ninjas the age of Naruto who have managed to become Jonin. However, it is much rarer for any of them to reach that rank in the second part, and Kankuro is one of only three ninjas to achieve this feat. His younger sister Temari is one of them, and the only Konoha ninja to reach Jonin level on Shippuden is Neji.

7 Uses a flamethrower technique in the manga, but is never adapted to the animenaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre kankuro 3

The Flamethrower is a unique ability that whoever wields Sasori’s puppet can use in battle. The fire is powerful enough to melt metal kunai as soon as they come into contact.

Kankuro uses this ability in the manga, when fighting Sasori and Deidara using Sasori’s puppet body. However, in the anime it was chosen to suppress it completely, so fans who only watch the anime will completely lose this ability.

6 He and Temari were candidates for Jinchuriki, but they were incompatible with the One-Tailsnaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre kankuro 4

Fans of the series know that Gaara is the host of the One-Tailed Shukaku, but he is actually the last of his siblings to be considered. This is because he is the youngest of the three sand brothers, which means that Kankuro, along with his sister Temari, are originally considered candidates for jinchuriki.

However, neither of them ends up being a compatible host, so the responsibility ultimately falls on the younger brother. It’s incredibly interesting to think about how Kankuro could have turned out so differently if he had harbored the One Tail’s power and anger.

5 Gaara’s thirst for blood in the past makes Kankuro prefer to avoid unnecessary fightsnaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre kankuro 5

Kankuro spends a fair amount of time making sure that Gaara stays in check and doesn’t spill blood simply for the purpose of quenching his bloodlust. In reality, Kankuro is reluctant to unnecessary fights in general, and this is revealed during the Forest of Death.

Even if a team owns the same scroll and therefore does not benefit from fighting each other, it is still a good idea to eliminate the competition so there are fewer enemies to worry about overall. However, Kankuro asks a team they meet if they have the same scroll, and realizing that they do, he claims that fighting would be pointless.

4 Even When His Life Is In Danger Of Death, Gaara Is Still His Top Prioritynaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre kankuro 6

Although they start clashing due to the fear Gaara instills in Kankuro, after Naruto makes his way through Gaara and changes him for the better, their relationship drastically improves. Gaara is seen trusting his older brother regarding his dreams, and Kankuro becomes fiercely protective of his younger brother.

This is true even when Kankuro’s life is in serious danger, as seen after being poisoned by Sasori. Even when unconscious, he can be seen muttering Gaara’s name, showing that he has grown to the point of caring more for his brother’s life than his own.

3 All of his official stats are impressive, except for genjutsu and speednaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre kankuro 7

Thanks to official data books from Naruto , most characters are rated from one to five on all their combat stats. Being skilled enough to become a jonin in part two, it’s no wonder Kankuro’s stats are nothing to write home about.

His ninjutsu and speed are relatively low, at a two and a two and a half respectively, but this helps balance all of his other ratings. His taijutsu is as follows, with a three, while his intelligence and strength are three and a half. Lastly, his ninjutsu, stamina, and hand seals reach a remarkable four out of five.

2 Kankuro’s face painting changes every time he is seen in a new arc of the manganaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre kankuro 8

An interesting detail about Kankuro is that every time he appears in a new arc in the manga, his face paint changes. This might seem like a decision made just to change things up a bit, but it’s actually very much related to its overall design.

Kankuro’s design is based on kabuki actors, and his name is also related to real life kabuki actors. His face paint and the change in it with each new bow is a nod to kabuki theater, and the purple color he chose represents haughtiness and nobility.

1 You have successfully completed forty-three missions, including a rank Snaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre kankuro 9

During his time as a Sunagakure shinobi, Kankuro has completed a total of forty-three missions, which is no small feat. To make things even more impressive, Kankuro has even completed an S-rank mission, which are incredibly dangerous missions reserved only for highly skilled jonin or large groups of shinobi. Next, twenty-three of his completed missions are A-rank, which means that more than half of his missions are Jonin-level.