Naruto: 10 things you should know about the Ninja Wars

Naruto begins several years after the end of the Third Shinobi World War. This great war claimed the lives of many shinobi, including young shinobi who had just graduated from the academy. It was an unprecedented war that had many lasting effects.

The Five Great Nations enjoyed a somewhat peaceful time, but that was broken near the end of Shippuden with the beginning of the Fourth Shinobi World War. Although Konoha emerged from the ninja wars better than some countries, the wars changed the Five Great Nations and shaped the shinobi system on earth.

10 The Warring States period was the first

Before the formation of the Hidden Villages, the nation was divided into small countries that fought endlessly for land and power. Countries used to hire mercenaries or skilled shinobi to fight their battles.

During the Warring States Period, children were forced to fight for their clans, and the average life expectancy was only thirty years. Of the mercenary shinobi clans, two emerged as the strongest and most powerful, the Senju and the Uchiha.

9 Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha ended the Warring States periodnaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre las guerras ninja 1

Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju met as children during the Warring States Period. During that time, when one country hired a Senju to fight for them, the opposing country hired the Uchiha, and vice versa.

Having lost siblings and loved ones in the constant fighting, Hashirama and Madara decided to put an end to it. They formed a pact with Tierra del Fuego and established the first shinobi village called Konohagakure. Following his example, other villages were established and the Five Great Nations were born.

8 Tailed Beasts Divided Before Shinobi World War Inaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre las guerras ninja 2

After the Warring States Period ended, the Big Five lived in peace for a few years, but eventually minor wars broke out. In an effort to quell the fighting, Hashirama Senju proposed that the nations split up the tailed beasts at the first Kage Summit.

The distribution of the tailed beasts among the nations, in an attempt to balance power, stopped the minor wars. Tensions only increased, plunging the nations into the First Shinobi World War.

7 Tobirama Senju died during the First Shinobi World Warnaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre las guerras ninja 3

As the First Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, Hashirama strove to achieve peace among all the Great Nations. Hashirama died before his vision came to fruition and he appointed his brother Tobirama as the next Hokage.

Although Tobirama tried to rule and achieve peace like his brother, the fighting did not stop and the First Shinobi World War began. During the war, Tobirama sacrificed himself to save his subordinates. Before his death, he appointed Hiruzen Sarutobi as the Third Hokage.

6 The First Shinobi World War left countries badly damagednaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre las guerras ninja 4

The Five Great Nations signed an armistice to end the First Shinobi World War that brought twenty years of peace. Despite the era of peace, nations suffered the consequences of war.

While some countries were able to regain their economies, others were shattered. The disparity between the nations grew and eventually led to the struggle for the expansion of the territories. The fighting escalated into what is known as the Second Shinobi World War.

5 The legendary Sannin emerged from the Second Shinobi World Warnaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre las guerras ninja 5

Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru were students of Hiruzen Sarutobi and formed a three-man team during his genin days. Despite their sometimes tumultuous relationship, the three of them accomplished great things together and continued to do so after their team disbanded.

During the Second Shinobi World War, the three rose to fame after being the only shinobi in Konoha to survive an attack by Hanzo of the Salamander. Hanzo gave them the nickname Sannin after their confrontation.

4 Rin Nohara became the Jinchuriki of the Three Tails during the Third Shinobi World Warnaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre las guerras ninja 6

The Third Shinobi World War was primarily a battle between Konohagakure and Iwagakure over the border of the Land of Fire. During the war, Rin Nohara was taken over by Kirigakure and turned into the Jinchuriki of the Three Tails.

Instead of returning to her village and causing destruction with the Three Tails, Rin sacrificed herself to save her village. Obito witnessed his death at the hands of Kakashi, causing him to take the dark path of plotting to destroy Konoha in the future.

3 Tobi declared war on the Five Kage Summitnaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre las guerras ninja 7

Before the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, the Akatsuki began gathering the tailed beasts to revive the Ten Tails and carry out Tobi’s Eye of the Moon plan. The Kage met at the Summit to discuss how to deal with the Akatsuki.

During the Summit, Tobi intervened and demanded that the Eight-Nine Tails surrender to him. When the Kage refused, Tobi declared the start of the Fourth Great Shinobi War.

2 Allied Shinobi Forces Formed To Protect The Eight Nine Tailsnaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre las guerras ninja 8

The Allied Shinobi Forces are made up of the shinobi of the Five Great Nations, united as a single army to fight against the Akatsuki. Although taking down the Akatsuki was one of his goals, it was not his main purpose.

The main objective of the coalition was to prevent the Eight and Nine Tails from falling into the hands of the Akatsuki. To do this, they had to keep the Eight and Nine Tails away from the battlefield, in a safe place where the Akatsuki could not find them.

1 Sasuke tried to kill the tailed beasts and the Kagenaruto 10 cosas que debes saber sobre las guerras ninja 9

When Hagoromo granted his power to Naruto and Sasuke, he told them that they could end the Infinite Tsukuyomi if they joined hands. However, before this happened, Sasuke decided to imprison the tailed beasts and announced his plans to kill them and the Kage.

Sasuke believed that in order to protect the village and avoid war, he must destroy everything and rebuild it. He and Naruto fought in the Valley of the End, where Sasuke was finally defeated.