Naruto: 10 times Shikamaru was the best character

Shikamaru Nara became known as a strong and influential character early in the series. Naruto. He was presented as an exceptional young genius who seriously lacked motivation in life. Shikamaru may have been historically lazy, but he has proven to be one of the most skilled and reliable shinobi in Konoha.

He has illustrated his love for his comrades countless times by going against their nature and engaging in matters from which he would rather be excluded. Although he was never shy about declaring his apathy, Shikamaru did not hesitate to exert the energy that he was so determined to reserve. Shikamaru’s brilliance, selflessness, and love for his village easily make him one of the best characters in the series.

10 He jumped in to support Ino without hesitation

When the Sound Ninja first attacked, Team 7 found themselves alone in a life-threatening situation. After fighting with Orochimaru, Naruto and Sasuke were knocked unconscious. Sakura was left alone to defend them, and she was not strong enough to repel their attackers. Ino, Shikamaru and Choji witnessed Sakura being brutally beaten by one of the sound ninjas. At that moment, Ino jumped in front of Sakura.

In an instant, Shikamaru was by Ino’s side and dragged Choji alone with him. Choji objected, but Shikamaru insisted that it couldn’t be helped. He claimed that they could not let the women fight alone while the men were still in hiding. Shikamaru didn’t hesitate to support his teammate although he didn’t want to get caught up in the situation at all.

9 He promised to be better for his peersnaruto 10 veces que shikamaru fue el mejor personaje 1

Following the failure of Sasuke’s Recovery Mission, Shikamaru blamed himself for the critical condition of his friends. With Choji fighting for his life, Shikamaru declared that he was no longer a ninja. He felt that his leadership endangered the lives of his colleagues.

Shikamaru’s father, Shikaku, helped him realize that his friends might need him in the future, and that denying them this help could lead to them being killed in the future. Realizing this, Shikamaru vowed to do better in the future.

8 He promised to take care of Asuma’s daughternaruto 10 veces que shikamaru fue el mejor personaje 2

When Shikamaru returned to the Leaf Village after Asuma’s death, he told Tsunade that he wanted to be the one to tell Kurenai what happened. Shikamaru personally took care of Kurenai and her baby. When Pain attacked the village, Shikamaru went to Kurenai to make sure that she and the baby were safe.

He promised Asuma that he would be there for his daughter, just as Asuma was there for him. Since then, Shikamaru has kept his promise and lovingly supported Kurenai and her daughter.

7 he chose to be friends with Naruto during his childhoodnaruto 10 veces que shikamaru fue el mejor personaje 3

Shikamaru is considered by fans to be one of Naruto’s oldest friends. Shikamaru has provided companionship and support to Naruto since childhood. There are some flashbacks that show Naruto, Shikamaru, Choji, and Kiba, playing together at school. As a result of the time that passed, Shikamaru noticed that the members of the village avoided Naruto.

When he asked his father about it, he responded by asking how he felt about Naruto. Shikamaru explained that while he didn’t expect to be Naruto’s best friend, he wouldn’t avoid it either. Shikamaru used his own judgment and showed Naruto kindness at a young age.

6 supported Asuma during his first match with Hidannaruto 10 veces que shikamaru fue el mejor personaje 4

In his fight against Hidan and Kakazu, Shikamaru did his best to support Asuma. He was able to hold out for a considerable time. Shikamaru’s Shadow Possession Jutsu saved Asuma multiple times throughout the fight.

He was able to use his jutsu to pull Hidan out of the circle he drew and break Hidan’s bond with Asuma. If it weren’t for Hidan’s immortality, they would have defeated him sooner, as Shikamaru’s jutsu rendered Hidan immobile and Asuma was able to behead him.

5 he believed in his teamnaruto 10 veces que shikamaru fue el mejor personaje 5

Orochimaru was extremely persistent with his plan to kidnap Sasuke. As a result, the ninjas of the Leaf Village were frequently involved in battles with the sound ninjas. Shikamaru was chosen as the squad leader in Sasuke’s recovery mission, this caused him to be seen again in a deadly battle against one of Orochimaru’s Sound Ninjas.

While fighting Tayuya, he broke his finger to gain the upper hand, making it clear that he had faith in his team.

4 He offered to stay behind and delay the sound Ninjanaruto 10 veces que shikamaru fue el mejor personaje 6

After Orochimaru launched his attack on the Leaf Village, almost everyone was knocked unconscious. Only a few ninjas were able to fight Genjutsu. Shikamaru once again showed his genius by being secretly awake as well. Due to the demand for defenses, Kakashi commissioned Naruto, Shikamaru, Naruto, and their dog Pakun to find Sasuke and Garaa.

During their mission, they faced a difficult decision. They had to choose someone to stay behind and face a group of healthy ninjas so that the rest of the team could continue with the mission. Shikamaru bravely offered to stay behind, he used all the energy he had to stop them. He helped his team succeed and was willing to die for them.

3 encouraged Naruto after Jiraiya’s deathnaruto 10 veces que shikamaru fue el mejor personaje 7

Naruto felt lost after Jiraiya’s death. It was full of different emotions: anger, sadness and pain. He walked through the village in silence. After Shikamaru met with Naruto to ask if he could decipher Jiraiya’s last message, he noticed Naruto’s depressed state. It was then that Shikamaru decided to take Naruto to see sensei Kurenai.

She informed Naruto that Kurnei was pregnant, she did it to show Naruto that a new generation would come after them. He expressed that he sympathized with him since he had also lost his teacher, but told him that they could not wallow in his pain if they wanted to become incredible sensei like the ones they had. Naruto thanked Shikamaru as he was the one who brought him out of his pain.

2 Helped Allied Shinobi Forces Defend During Fourth Ninja Warnaruto 10 veces que shikamaru fue el mejor personaje 8

Shikamaru played a vital role in the Fourth Shinobi War. With Ino’s help, her Shadow Possession Jutsu allowed members of the Allied Shinobi Forces to learn techniques to deflect the attacks of the Ten Tails. Shikamaru again held a leadership role during the battle.

Furthermore, it is in the heat of this battle that Shikamaru performs one of the most selfless and heroic acts. With an attack aimed at headquarters, he knew his father was going to die. He had no time to regret once it was all over. As the new chief of strategy, he remained focused on winning the war and supporting his comrades.

1 avenged Asuma’s deathnaruto 10 veces que shikamaru fue el mejor personaje 9

Following Asuma’s death, Shikamaru prepared to avenge him immediately. She set off in search of Hidan and Kakazu with the rest of Team 10. Tsunade interrupted her permission to assign Kakashi to her team. Now operating as a four-man squad, Shikamaru led his team in the attack plans against Kakazu and Hidan. Shikamaru took the lead and claimed that Hidan and Kakazu should be separated.

Shikamaru executed a brilliant plan in which he used his Shadow Possession Jutsu to lead Hidan into the forest. He then tricked him into using his cursed technique on his partner’s blood. Afterward, Shikamaru detonated the explosives Hidan was manipulating with. With his quest for justice completed, Shikamaru accepted the will of fire that Asuma transmitted to him.