Naruto: 10 Times Temari Proved She’s The Best Girl

There are plenty of lovable characters throughout the cast of Naruto . This is true even for many of the female characters – many fans agree that they are not written as well as their male counterparts. One of the strongest and most beloved female characters since her first appearance, even when she is written more as an enemy than an ally of the Hidden Leaf, is Temari of the Hidden Sand.

Like Temari’s brothers Gaara and Kankuro, Temari starts out with a chip on her shoulder when it comes to Konoha and has no real problem participating in the Konoha Crush. He ends up gaining some respect for Shikamaru during their fight and after seeing the effects Naruto has on Gaara, Temari becomes an ally of the Leaf providing invaluable help even to some of the main heroes.

10 He is not intimidated by others and always says what he thinks

When Temari is first introduced in Naruto, contrasts with the more meek or weak female characters of the time, such as Hinata and Sakura. She is incredibly confident and is not intimidated by other strong characters or their opinions of her.

Temari isn’t afraid to speak her mind, even when it comes to her sand brothers, who are exceptionally powerful. His character is a breath of fresh air compared to many others in the first part.

9 Show from the start that you understand the value of peacenaruto 10 veces que temari demostro que es la mejor chica 1

Temari is the kind of character who will follow her brothers into war even though she may disagree with them because of her desire to keep them safe. However, along with his tendency to speak his mind, he also questions whether the war is worth it.

Temari shows this in part one when the Hidden Sand is about to launch a war against Konoha. Temari questions whether it’s worth doing, showing that he has strong morals and values ​​peace despite his fierce personality.

8 As Of The Fourth Shinobi World War, He Will Risk His Life Even For Those Not Of His Peoplenaruto 10 veces que temari demostro que es la mejor chica 2

Originally, Temari doesn’t care much about ninjas from outside her village. Although she wants to avoid things like pointless warfare, she is also shown simply smiling and waving as her brother Gaara completely annihilates another team of shinobi.

However, Temari becomes a more compassionate character over time. He goes from someone who only cares about her and her siblings to someone who is willing to put herself in danger, even by shinobi from other villages.

7 He’s Able To Keep Gaara’s Deadly Powers Limited For The Most Partnaruto 10 veces que temari demostro que es la mejor chica 3

From the start, it’s great that Temari is so devoted to her siblings despite not always agreeing with them. This is due to the fact that she plays an incredibly crucial role in making sure Gaara’s powers stay locked away.

Gaara’s connection with Shukaku grows stronger whenever he becomes upset or emotionally unstable. This makes Temari’s job of making sure Gaara stays calm and harmless one of the most important, difficult, and thankless tasks in her life. Naruto.

6 It doesn’t take long for him to accept Gaara’s desire to change despite his pastnaruto 10 veces que temari demostro que es la mejor chica 4

Since Temari’s role for much of Gaara’s life has been to keep him in check, it would have been understandable for her to be skeptical of his desire to change. After all, Naruto’s breakthrough with the Sand Jinchuriki seems to have come out of the blue and she’s lived in fear of Gaara’s powers her entire life.

Despite this, Temari is one of the first people to accept the new Gaara and believes in his desire to change. She stays by her side and supports her no matter what.

5 Her Infinite Tsukuyomi Reveals That Her Dream Is To Be A Trustworthy Sisternaruto 10 veces que temari demostro que es la mejor chica 5

Many people who find themselves in a position of responsibility end up bitter and disgusted at having been forced into it. This would have been especially understandable in the case of someone like Temari, who has to mediate for her siblings while also having to risk her life because of Gaara.

However, Temari does not allow herself to resent her siblings at all. In fact, her life’s dream is to be recognized by them as a reliable and trustworthy older sister and to be allowed to help in more things in her life.

4 She and Shikamaru are a great example of the popular “Enemies to Lovers” tropenaruto 10 veces que temari demostro que es la mejor chica 6

Temari and Shikamaru start out as rivals during the Chunin Exams and become outright enemies due to the Konoha Crush. However, the two end up becoming respected allies and are often seen together whenever Temari makes a trip to the Hidden Leaf.

Temari and Shikamaru are shown to be incredibly close, though by the time Part 2 begins, they are still actively denying the romantic aspects of their relationship when questioned by the likes of Naruto. They eventually get married and have a child, and their relationship is a great example of the lovelorn-enemy trope so popular in fiction.

3 She Is Strict And Determined Enough To Balance Shikamaru’s Lazy Sidenaruto 10 veces que temari demostro que es la mejor chica 7

The saying “opposites attract” is not true in all relationships, but for many it is true for a reason. After all, at first glance, Temari, a determined and unapologetic woman, does not seem to fit in very well with Shikamaru, an easy-going man.

However, it is precisely this duality that allows Temari and Shikamaru to balance each other out so well. If both of them were too stubborn or too calm, they would end up pushing each other to negative extremes and not be as good together.

2 He Is Able To Take Down Tayuya, A Jonin-Level Ninja, Without Receiving A Single Scratchnaruto 10 veces que temari demostro que es la mejor chica 8

The Sasuke Retrieval Team’s fight against the Sound Four is one of the most memorable arcs in Naruto. This is because several members – Kiba, Choji and Shikamaru – were nearly killed during their matches.

Temari shows up just in time to save Shikamaru from being killed by Tayuya and, more impressively, knocks her down without receiving a single scratch. It’s no wonder that when fans see Temari in Part 2, she’s already been promoted to the level of Jonin.

1 He Is Able To Solve The Problems In His Relationship With Shikamaru Maturelynaruto 10 veces que temari demostro que es la mejor chica 9

On one of Temari and Shikamaru’s wedding anniversaries, he comes home and passes out instead of acknowledging the dinner she has prepared for him. She is understandably upset and doesn’t say anything to him at first when he tries to greet her the next morning.

However, Temari is quite mature and it doesn’t take long to tell him why she acted like that. The two are able to talk things out in a mature way and he apologizes to her, being able to work things out before her days finally begin.