Naruto: 5 advantages of being Shikamaru Nara (and 5 disadvantages)

Shikamaru Nara starts off as a stark contrast to most of the other ninjas in the universe of Naruto . While even characters like Sakura start out with ambition towards something – even if it’s a boy – Shikamaru doesn’t have any remarkable ambition. His teachers consider him incredibly bright, but he has a huge effort problem, and he often prefers to skip classes rather than attend them.

However, over time he matures and learns to find a more appropriate balance between hard work and the possibility of laziness. At first she also doesn’t like to be a bit macho and often doubts or complains about female characters, but he changes in this regard and becomes someone who deeply respects all of his companions and doesn’t judge based on appearances.

10 Advantages: His intelligence makes him an excellent strategist

Shikamaru is, without a doubt, the smartest of the Konoha 11. His analytical skills are vital to helping him and his allies succeed in missions, and he analyzes things from every possible angle, making and adjusting his plans even in the midst of combat.

He is capable of remembering every move made on the battlefield, keeping track of all objects and their relative location, and can even get an idea of ​​how his opponents react and fight. He is an excellent strategist and is incredibly reliable, and is entrusted with great responsibility by even the great ninjas of the village.

9 Drawback: His Intelligence Also Makes Most Tasks Too Boring For Himnaruto 5 ventajas de ser shikamaru nara y 5 inconvenientes 1

Being very intelligent is a double-edged sword. In Shikamaru’s case, the drawbacks of his unparalleled intellect show in his laziness. His teachers comment that he is brilliant, but he never pushes himself in his academy days and often skips classes with Naruto, Choji, and Kiba.

Asuma finds out that he has an IQ over 200, and even has to mask IQ tests as games and puzzles so he doesn’t get too bored. He finds most of the tasks asked of him during his academy days to be too much of a hassle because he assumes he won’t enjoy them.

8 Advantage: His shadow possession jutsu makes him the best teammate.naruto 5 ventajas de ser shikamaru nara y 5 inconvenientes 2

Not all jutsu have to be based on being incredibly flashy and doing devastating amounts of damage. If the opponent doesn’t stay still long enough to get hit, none of that matters.

This is one of the reasons why Shikamaru’s Shadow Possession Technique stands out as such an amazing support tool for any team’s arsenal. Not only does it stop the user’s movements with this jutsu, but it can even control them to an extent.

7 Drawback: At First, He Has A Serious Trouble Trusting Womennaruto 5 ventajas de ser shikamaru nara y 5 inconvenientes 3

Naruto he has a bit of a problem when it comes to how to portray his female characters. Other characters in the series who give their own opinions on the matter don’t help either, especially when they are negative and often unfounded, as is often the case with Shikamaru.

Probably due to his mother’s strict and domineering personality, Shikamaru tends to view his experiences with women in a negative light and often refers to them as a drag or nuisance. Of course, this improves over time, but it’s especially noticeable compared to his normal self. Shippuden .

6 Advantage: You are placed in a team with one of your best childhood friendsnaruto 5 ventajas de ser shikamaru nara y 5 inconvenientes 4

Choji and Shikamaru have been inseparable since the days of the academy, where the latter is the first to see beyond Choji’s appearance to his true self. Not everyone is lucky enough to graduate and stay by their best friend’s side, but that’s exactly what happens to these two.

They are able to share everything with each other, from the small joys of everyday life to the difficulties one faces when one gets older. From watching the clouds go by while sharing snacks to helping each other process the death of their mentor, Asuma, they’ve been through just about everything together.

5. The drawback: his physical abilities are scarcenaruto 5 ventajas de ser shikamaru nara y 5 inconvenientes 5

Since Shikamaru is highly intelligent and possesses the necessary jutsu to keep his enemies at bay, he needs one or two areas where he is below average to compensate. To prevent Shikamaru from being too powerful, his physical abilities are weaker than those of his teammates.

The data book official from naruto indicates that Shikamaru’s taijutsu and strength are rated two out of five. This means that he has to make sure that he can keep enemies away from him, but his speed is also medium, two and a half. It relies almost entirely on his jutsu and staying one step ahead, which can be dangerous.

4 Advantage: He’s The Only Member Of His Class Who Becomes A Chunin Early Onnaruto 5 ventajas de ser shikamaru nara y 5 inconvenientes 6

It fits Shikamaru’s wry personality to be the first of his peers to become a chunin. He wants to avoid huge responsibilities and having to chart his future, but he is also the first to prove that they are responsible and smart enough to handle the pressures of being a chunin and is trusted more for it.

Although Shikamaru himself at the time might see this promotion as a drag due to all the new responsibility thrust upon him, this is definitely a plus. At that time he stands out among his class before the high officials of the village, and his intellect comes to save the lives of his companions on numerous occasions.

3 Drawback: He’s One Of The Few Ninjas In The Series To Be Shown Suffering A Deep Personal Lossnaruto 5 ventajas de ser shikamaru nara y 5 inconvenientes 7

Although hope and growth are the main themes of the series, Naruto he is also no stranger to the issue of loss. This can be the loss of a relationship, permanent or temporary, as seen with Naruto and Sasuke, Ino and Sakura, and even Sasuke and Itachi.

It can also be more literal, with characters dealing with the loss of loved ones. Just like Naruto loses Jiraiya, Shikamaru loses his sensei Asuma, and Asuma is able to help Naruto cope with his pain later on because Shikamaru has to learn to deal with things on his own.

2 Advantage: He is well loved by fans, becoming the fourth most popularnaruto 5 ventajas de ser shikamaru nara y 5 inconvenientes 8

Although Shikamaru may seem like an unpopular choice, he is actually well loved by fans. It’s not that he’s unattractive, and with a cool and laid-back personality, as well as a keen intellect, he balances Naruto’s over-enthusiasm or Sasuke’s brooding nature, which only gets worse over time until things with Itachi are over.

Overall, combining all of his entries in the databook, Shikamaru is the fifth most popular character in the entire franchise. He has a total of just over eleven thousand votes, and the only characters that surpass him are Iruka, Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi.

1 Drawback: Even though he seems to dislike his parents’ dynamic, he ends up in the same kind of relationshipnaruto 5 ventajas de ser shikamaru nara y 5 inconvenientes 9

Throughout his early years, it’s incredibly common for Shikamaru to point out how much his parents’ marriage bothers him. He regards his father as a slave, as his mother is too demanding for someone so laid back.

And while there are a multitude of ways that Temari and Shikamaru work well together, it’s also true that their relationship can sometimes mirror that of their parents. This is shown in the way Shikamaru’s demeanor around her changes over time and the fact that she possesses a similarly vibrant and uncompromising attitude.