Naruto: 5 anime characters Orochimaru could defeat (& 5 he would lose to)

Orochimaru was one of the earliest and most powerful antagonists of the universeNaruto. As a fallen member of the legendary Sannin, his willingness to employ forbidden jutsu to achieve his goals made him especially fearsome, eventually assassinating the Third Hokage.

Although Orochimaru is considerably powerful in his own universe, it is important to gauge his strength in the context of other anime worlds. Since Orochimaru will enter his matches without preparation time or resources, he cannot benefit from Edo Tensei’s minions.

10 could defeat: Mikasa’s scant armor and limited weapons would be her undoing (Attack On Titan)

Mikasa was agile enough to avoid Reiner and powerful enough to carry massive steel beams on her shoulder. The latter suggests that he has a brute physical strength advantage over Orochimaru, especially if he takes advantage of his Ackerman bloodline.

However, Orochimaru’s versatile body would provide him with various ways to counter her. Not only could he suffocate her with snakes while his ODM team is actively deployed, but the Sannin can also minimize any damage done to him through his body replacement jutsu.

9 would lose: Aokiji’s attacks would petrify Orochimaru and his creatures (One Piece)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que orochimaru podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 1

Orochimaru’s most obvious disadvantage against Aokiji is that Aokiji’s lodge fruit protects him from poison. This would make it exceedingly difficult for Orochimaru to finish him off in one bite like he did with Sasuke or Log.

Furthermore, the Marine Admiral is capable of freezing vast swaths of the ocean with a single brush of his finger and even petrifying the tidal waves that Whitebeard summoned against Marineford. Consequently, Orochimaru and the snakes he could conjure would instantly freeze.

8 could defeat: Sango’s boomerang can’t protect her from a concentrated attack (Inuyasha)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que orochimaru podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 2

As a demon hunter, Sango’s boomerang turned out to be extraordinarily deadly. It could cut through and decapitate monstrous hordes in one hit, implying that it would be successful against Orochimaru’s lesser snakes and potentially even Manda.

However, Sango herself lacks critical protection while her weapon is deployed. Consequently, Orochimaru would have ample opportunity to exploit her weakness and hit her before her boomerang returned. Considering the fallen Sannin’s ability to stretch parts of her body (even her head), Sango would only realize her mistake when it was too late.

7 I would lose to: Ulquiorra has overwhelming firepower and superior durability (Bleach)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que orochimaru podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 3

As the fourth strongest Sword in Aizen’s service, Uilquiorra was terrifyingly powerful. He could unleash energy spears strong enough to emulate a small nuclear blast and even managed to defeat Ichigo himself in their first encounter.

His natural Iron would make it virtually impossible for Orochimaru’s attacks to take effect, as they rely on precision and timing rather than brute force. Considering the extent of Ulquiorra’s attacks, he could annihilate the Manda in a matter of seconds, thus ruining his shinobi adversary’s second-best chance of posing a respectable offensive threat.

6 Could Defeat: The Emperor’s Armor is not as waterproof as he thinks (Akame Ga Kill!)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que orochimaru podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 4

On the surface, the Emperor’s armor is waterproof. It was tough enough to withstand the combined attacks of Tatsumi and Wave, with enough firepower to raze entire districts of its own city.

Not only could Orochimaru be able to fight the Emperor on a level playing field thanks to Manda, but his snakes are also designed to penetrate armor grooves (as demonstrated in the battle against Log). Since the Emperor is a child, his inexperience would prevent him from realizing his enemy’s strategy until it was too late.

5 would lose to: After years of training, Kabuto has surpassed his mentor (Naruto)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que orochimaru podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 5

Following Orochimaru’s alleged death, Kabuto had the opportunity to take his master’s lessons and refine them. By the time the fallen Sannin returned for Sasuke Uchiha, his apprentice had already conquered the Serpent Sage’s jutsu, the powers of the Sound Four, and even some of Orochimaru’s own abilities (in addition to his chakra scalpel and factor healing Uzumaki).

While the Sannin may still have unique abilities such as Manda’s summoning and body distortion, Kabuto had already become a much more versatile and competent fighter.

4 He could defeat: Muscular would be surpassed by Orochimaru (My Hero Academia)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que orochimaru podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 6

Muscular is extremely durable, as evidenced by its ability to withstand a 100% Deku hit (considering the hero could cause huge eddies with even a fraction of that power).

Despite this, the Muscular’s over-reliance on brute force would be his undoing. Orochimaru would only need to invoke the Manda to defeat Muscular, forcing the brute to choose between two points to focus his veins and protect himself. Any part of his body that he does not protect would be taken advantage of, such as his legs.

3 He would lose to: Estarossa’s command would Petrify Orochimaru (Seven Deadly Sins)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que orochimaru podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 7

Even in his basic form, Estarossa was powerful enough to destroy castles and keep up with Escanor around noon. He also managed to assassinate Monspeet almost instantly on their encounter, which was a terrifying amount of offensive power.

The archangel’s most useful weapon against Orochimaru is his commandment. Since he appeases anyone who feels hatred towards him, Estarossa could play against the shinobi’s naturally malevolent disposition to cut him off for sure.

2 could defeat: Kakyoin’s Green Hierophant lacks viability in melee (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que orochimaru podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 8

Kakyoin’s Green Hierophant could launch projectiles strong enough to shatter flesh and bone. After carefully spreading his Stand across the battlefield, he was able to trap opponents before unleashing his volley.

Even if the hero manages to outsmart and capture Orochimaru, he has depressing mobility and would not be able to escape after the shinobi extended his neck with a sword in his mouth. Since the Green Hierophant cannot protect its user in close combat, the user would be surprised and killed instantly due to its low durability.

1 Would lose by: Killua is one of the few characters faster than Orochimaru (Hunter X Hunter)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que orochimaru podria derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 9

The biggest advantage of Killua is that it is incredibly fast. Capable of lightning fast, it can catch up and outrun fast-moving cars in no time (as demonstrated in the election arc).

Although Orochimaru is capable of keeping pace with a Kurama-powered Naruto, he has never been shown to be capable of such astonishing speeds that his adversaries cannot comprehend. As a consequence, Killua was able to rip the Sannin’s heart from his chest before he had time to consider a body substitution jutsu.