Naruto: 5 Anime Characters Tsunade Can Defeat (& 5 She Would Lose To)

Lady Tsunade was a member of the legendary Sannin and the Fifth Hokage of the universe ofNaruto. As one of the most powerful kunoichi to ever exist, she has proven her worth against powerful villains like Orochimaru and Madara.

However, it is difficult to appreciate how powerful Tsunade is, as she has only fought against adversaries from her own world. By confronting her with a diverse roster of anime characters, we can better gauge her tremendous strength and healing affinity in different circumstances.

10 could beat: Charon fares poorly against opponents with a lot of physical strength (Fire Force)

Charon was a white-cloaked cultist whose ignition ability allowed him to deflect fire from others towards them. This forces his opponents into physical altercations, which he usually wins when considering his impressive stature.

However, since strength is Tsunade’s strong suit, she could easily overpower it with just taijutsu. Considering he was strong enough to force the Idiot Brothers to submit (who in turn could break out of a shadow possession with brute force), Charon wouldn’t be much of a challenge.

9 Would lose to: It would be impossible for Tsunade to harm Crocodile or counteract his dehydration ability (One Piece)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que tsunade puede derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 1

Although Tsunade may be much stronger than Crocodile in terms of muscular strength, her lodge-type devil fruit ensures that she would never be able to land a blow at him. The only way the Fifth Hokage could harm her pirate adversary is if she deliberately bloodied her fists (a tactic she is reluctant to, considering her hemophobia).

Although Crocodile’s traditional attacks are not particularly lethal against Tsunade, he could reduce her to a desiccated corpse when touched and dehydrated.

8 could beat: Sloth’s attacks lack precision and have a lot of downtime (Fullmetal Alchemist)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que tsunade puede derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 2

Sloth was physically the most powerful member of the homunculus, capable of overwhelming several dozen men and even overwhelming Alex Armstrong. He’s also deceptively fast, capable of moving like lightning when jumping forward.

However, even if the villain manages to make a direct collision with Tsunade, his attacks have an extremely high recovery time. This would allow Tsunade to cast her hundred heal jutsu to recover before taking the fight to the brute.

7 I would lose to: Might Guy could overwhelm Tsunade by harnessing the full potential of his doors (Naruto)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que tsunade puede derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 3

While Tsunade could bring out the best in Might Guy in his basic form (due to feats of strength like overpowering the Raikage and breaking a Susanoo), the taijutsu master could turn the tables by opening seven or eight doors.

Taking advantage of his superior speed, Guy could stay out of Tsunade’s reach and deliver brutal punishment in complete safety. Since his “Daytime Tiger” technique was powerful enough to defeat Kisame in one hit, it follows that he would be able to overwhelm the Fifth Hokage with it before he had a chance to heal.

6 he could beat: Muscular is much less experienced and versatile than Tsunadenaruto 5 personajes del anime a los que tsunade puede derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 4

Muscle Man was a member of the League’s vanguard that relied almost exclusively on brute force. He was powerful enough to create a small crater with just the force of his quirk and could trap physical attacks with the dislocated strands that clung to his chest.

However, the villain has a clear limit against which he can protect himself, as demonstrated when he was defeated by Deku. Considering Tsunade was a veteran of the Second Shinobi War, she should be able to find and exploit his weak points, if not immediately overwhelm him.

5 I would lose to: Gamagori’s uniform is designed to ward off Tsunade’s attacks (Kill La Kill)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que tsunade puede derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 5

Gamagori was the discipline president of the Honnoji Academy and wore an impossibly powerful life-fiber uniform. Not only did it protect him from physical attacks, but any attempted aggression against him was also reflected against the offender.

Considering that Tsunade relies primarily on taijutsu to defeat her opponents, she would quickly be overwhelmed by the force of her own blows. If she refrained from fighting entirely, Gamagori could attack her with the barbed appendages her uniform can produce.

4 could beat: Tsunade has broken things much harder than Reiner’s armor (Attack On Titan)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que tsunade puede derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 6

Reiner’s Armored Titan was famous for its durability. It could survive the bombardment of an entire naval armada and defended itself reasonably well against the hardened fists of Eren Yeager. It even withstood numerous thunder spears applied directly to the neck.

However, Tsunade has cracked and shattered substances as hard as Madara’s Susanoo. Consequently, the plates attached to the Armored Titan’s back shouldn’t be much of a problem for her to fracture.

3 I would lose by: Tsunade has no means to harm Baraggan (Bleach)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que tsunade puede derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 7

Baraggan would be practically impossible for Tsunade to defeat. As she is a melee fighter, approaching the Espada’s vicinity would make her vulnerable to her senescence. Decay would creep swiftly up her arm, devouring flesh and muscle alike until she was forced to amputate whatever she compromised.

Tactics like launching projectiles would also not be effective, as the black miasma that Baraggan wraps himself in would also reduce them to dust. Considering the immediate and severe nature of her abilities, Tsunade’s healing would also be of no use against the king of Hueco Mundo.

2 could beat: Raphtalia is not fast enough to deal significant damage to Tsunade (Rise of the Shield Hero)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que tsunade puede derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 8

Raphtalia is a powerful swordswoman, as evidenced by her ability to defeat huge creatures on behalf of Naofumi. However, despite her impressive feats, she is relatively new to combat and has an extremely straightforward arsenal of attacks.

If she managed to bury her sword into Tsunade’s arm, the Fifth Hokage would still be able to crush all of Raphtalia’s bones with a retaliatory blow. It wouldn’t take long for the kunoichi to heal from her injuries, while Raphtalia would be knocked out due to her relatively low durability.

1 Would lose to: Meruem could take Tsunade’s attacks and possesses terrifyingly high offensive potential (Hunter X Hunter)naruto 5 personajes del anime a los que tsunade puede derrotar y 5 con los que perderia 9

While Tsunade might technically have an advantage over Meruem in terms of experience, the Chimera Ant King is a terrifyingly fast learner. It can defeat world-renowned game masters in a matter of minutes, which means it would adapt to the Hokage’s fighting style just as easily.

Additionally, Meruem has significantly higher raw attributes than Tsunade. It could move faster than Netero was capable of perceiving it and managed to slaughter dozens of people in less than a second. Tsunade’s healing would be of no use if he destroyed her head faster than she could anticipate him.