Naruto: 5 arrogant ninjas from Leaf Village (and 5 lowly)

Naruto is a highly successful shonen manga / anime franchise set in a world of shinobi and tailed beasts, focusing primarily on Tierra del Fuego and the Hidden Leaf Village, or Konohagakure. Most Leaf ninjas embody classic shonen values ​​such as courage, bravery, loyalty to friends and teammates, and much more.

However, not all of these Leaf ninjas are the classic “silent assassin” type. Some Leaf ninjas are humble and let their actions speak for them, while many others are boastful and arrogant in battle, using their strength and words to intimidate their enemies. In fact, some of these Leaf ninjas are more conceited than the enemies they fight.

10 WEDDING LEAF NINJA: Naruto Uzumaki has a very big mouth

Over time, Naruto Uzumaki grew up and learned to stop showing off so much, but it remained one of his worst personality traits for a long time. He tends to annoy and alienate people instead of impressing them with his big words, and his enemies may even laugh at him.

Fortunately, Naruto has incredible guts and determination to back up his big words, but still there is no question that he is the loudest braggart in Konohagakure. He even boasted that he would beat everyone in the chunin exams, something that Sakura Haruno no appreciation.

9 HUMILLA LEAF NINJA: Hinata Hyuga speaks softlynaruto 5 ninjas arrogantes de la aldea de la hoja y 5 humildes 1

In contrast to the swaggering Naruto Uzumaki, his number one fan, Hinata Hyuga, had little confidence for a long time. She was not as talented as her father Hiashi wished her to be, so he rejected her, and Hinata took it badly. She lost all determination and self-respect, and weighed down Team 8.

All of that changed when Hinata heard Naruto’s encouraging words during the chunin exams, and she started to assert herself a bit more. She is a real ninja now, but Hinata is still quite humble and soft-spoken, not prone to teasing her enemies or talking about herself. Duty comes first.

8 NINJA OF THE BLADE: Kiba Inuzuka talks about a good fightnaruto 5 ninjas arrogantes de la aldea de la hoja y 5 humildes 2

At first, the canine Kiba Inuzuka was an impressively powerful Leaf genin, and he put up a good fight to Naruto during the chunin exams before finally facing defeat. He also fought Sakon and Ukon of the Four of Sound, and helped his mother fight the Six Paths of Pain later on.

Kiba has some awesome taijutsu when he fights Akamaru, but it’s not tan loud, and his bark is actually bigger than his bite. Kiba is confident and cold in battle, but he’s not as powerful as he imagines.

7 HUMBLE LEAF NINJA: Rock Lee will never stop trainingnaruto 5 ninjas arrogantes de la aldea de la hoja y 5 humildes 3

Rock Lee is an expert in taijutsu, and he does not want to and cannot use ninjutsu or genjutsu in battle. Instead, he uses hard work to reach out to talented ninjas like Neji Hyuga, and even embarrasses Naruto himself in this regard. Doing 1,000 push-ups and sit-ups in a single day is easy for him.

Rock Lee is confident in his abilities, but without being arrogant. He has an honest and balanced perspective on himself and his abilities, and understands that only through constant training can he be a worthy ninja. He is humble enough to keep practicing and learning.

6 NINJA OF THE BLADE: Neji Hyuga talks to the othersnaruto 5 ninjas arrogantes de la aldea de la hoja y 5 humildes 4

Neji Hyuga belongs to the cadet branch of the Hyuga ninja family, and that is a humble position, as his late father Hizashi understood. However, Neji is still extremely talented, and can rival or surpass any member of the main branch of the family with his advanced technique. This has turned some heads.

Neji was fatalistic for a long time, and looked down on others by criticizing and doubting his dreams, especially Naruto’s. Neji also prides himself on his abilities and uses his words to intimidate and demoralize his enemies. In fact, Neji will tell them that their destiny is to lose against him. Normally, it’s the villains who talk like this.

5 NINJA OF THE BLADE HUMILLA: Shino Aburame is strong but silentnaruto 5 ninjas arrogantes de la aldea de la hoja y 5 humildes 5

Shino Aburame is a Blade ninja who uses chakra-hungry scarabs in combat, just like the rest of the Aburame family. Shino is smart and patient in battle, like a true ninja, and can even outsmart people like Kankuro and disorient them with his critters. He ran in circles around Zaku Abumi during the chunin exams.

Despite his remarkable abilities, Shino is perfectly humble, not showing off much or getting carried away. He did smugly commented on his own strategic cunning to Zaku, but it was justified, and he only made brief comments during that time. He’s not going to babble endlessly about how big he is.

4 NINJA OF THE BLADE: Lord Jiraiya often speaks of his greatnessnaruto 5 ninjas arrogantes de la aldea de la hoja y 5 humildes 6

Lord Jiraiya is a legendary Sannin, one of three former students of Hiruzen Sarutobi himself, the ninjutsu teacher. Jiraiya is quite powerful and intelligent in his own right, and he can even take on the Six Paths of Pain alone and almost win. He also taught Naruto to use the Rasengan technique and to summon toads.

Jiraiya often speaks highly of himself, either showing off his brilliance in battle or his fame as an author and womanizer. His boasting is at least partially justified, but he can quickly upset other people, especially Lady Tsunade and even Naruto himself.

3 HUMILLA LEAF NINJA: Asuma Sarutobi knows when he’s lostnaruto 5 ninjas arrogantes de la aldea de la hoja y 5 humildes 7

Asuma Sarutobi is the jonin leader of Squad 10, and he is immensely proud of his three genin and their capabilities. He’s also confident in his own abilities, and once gave Naruto some advice during chakra nature training, as both characters are wind-type.

However, Asuma is not very boastful, despite his tough-guy demeanor during combat. He knows he’s been outmatched by Kisame Hoshigaki early in the series, and he doesn’t hesitate to admit defeat when he plays shogi with the brilliant Shikamaru Nara. However, he can be a bit of a sore loser at times.

2 BLADE NINJA: Sasuke Uchiha was proud of his abilities as a blade ninja.naruto 5 ninjas arrogantes de la aldea de la hoja y 5 humildes 8

Sasuke Uchiha was not always boastful, but he was also not afraid to look down on others, mainly Naruto, and compare them unfavorably to him. Sasuke was under intense pressure to become strong enough to defeat Itachi Uchiha, and he had no patience with any friend or foe weaker than him.

Sasuke sometimes mocked or belittled his enemies during his time as a Blade ninja, intimidating them with both his boastful words and his fearsome ninjutsu. He was the best ninja of his generation, and he wasn’t afraid to let people know.

1 HUMAN LEAF NINJA: Kurenai Yuhi prioritizes othersnaruto 5 ninjas arrogantes de la aldea de la hoja y 5 humildes 9

Kurenai Yuhi is the jonin in charge of Squad 8, and she adores all of her genin as a responsible mother or older sister. She is also a talented genjutsu specialist, and tried to kill Itachi with his plant-type illusions. He did not succeed, but it was not due to lack of effort.

Kurenai is confident in her abilities, but cares more for others, especially her lover, Asuma Sarutobi. He rarely brags or mocks his enemies, but rather lets his genjutsu do the talking. She would love for Hinata, Shino and Kiba to get over her one day.