Naruto: 5 Blade Ninjas Who Would Make Great Avengers (& 5 Who Wouldn’t)

The franchise Naruto features many heroic shinobi who are always ready for a mission, and these ninja can do more than just throw shuriken. They can also use chakra, a source of energy for ninjutsu, and can even summon giant animals, such as Gamabunta or the Katsuyu slug. All of this puts ninjas in Naruto at the height of the powerful fighters of other franchises, such as the MCU.

If the whole world were threatened by an Avengers level threat, such as the mad god Loki, the aliens Chitauri or Ultron and their army of robots, the ninjas from Naruto They could visit the MCU and help defend the world from these terrifying threats. Many Leaf Village ninjas would be up to the task, but some of them are too weak or simply redundant by Avengers standards.

10 COULD JOIN THE AVENGERS: Naruto is quite a squad all by himself

At first, the young troublemaker Naruto Uzumaki would have been a fatal fit in the Avengers, but then he got a lot stronger and matured a bit. Towards the end of Shippuden, Naruto Uzumaki was enormously powerful and could easily take on an Avengers level threat.

Naruto has enough firepower for multiple Avengers at once, and can cover a wide area with his shadow clones to keep Chitauri or Ultron robots at bay. His Rasengan and fox chakra variants would also help him take on powerful villains like Ronan the Accuser and Thanos, the mad titan.

9 COULD NOT ENTER THE AVENGERS: Choji Akimichi is a weaker Hulknaruto 5 ninjas de la hoja que serian grandes vengadores y 5 que no 1

Nick Fury doesn’t want his Leaf Village recruits to look too much like existing Avengers, and he wouldn’t be impressed if Choji Akimichi showed up to ask for a position on the team. Choji’s role as a brute force melee fighter is already filled by the Incredible Hulk, and the latter is the tougher of the two.

Choji has very few other talents that set him apart from the Hulk or other close combat warriors, so he just won’t get a spot on the team. However, he will cheer up the other recruits of the Leaf Village like a good friend that he is.

8 THEY COULD JOIN THE AVENGERS: Lady Tsunade can heal people and throw a punchnaruto 5 ninjas de la hoja que serian grandes vengadores y 5 que no 2

Lady Tsunade was the fifth Hokage, and she earned that title. She is one of the three Legendary Sannin, and like Jiraiya and Orochimaru, Tsunade can easily summon giant animals to aid her in combat. In this case, he can summon Katsuyu, the giant slug.

But that is not all. Tsunade is also a skilled medical ninja who can save herself or a teammate from certain death with her healing touch, which would greatly benefit the Avengers during battle. Tsunade also has formidable close combat skills to defend herself or an injured ally while healing them.

7 COULD NOT ENTER THE AVENGERS: Hinata Hyuga is too tamenaruto 5 ninjas de la hoja que serian grandes vengadores y 5 que no 3

Like Naruto, Hinata Hyuga was something of the ugly duckling in the Leaf Village, as she was a naturally talented ninja who did not recognize her own potential for years. She was considered a failure, but encouraging words from Naruto helped Hinata finally realize her potential.

Hinata quickly made up for lost time, making the most of her eyes on the Byakugan and her family’s unique taijutsu. She is now a respectable Leaf ninja, but even so, Nick Fury has stronger candidates to choose from, and those candidates don’t need to have Naruto around to empower them.

6 COULD ENTER THE AVENGERS: Kakashi Hatake can do anythingnaruto 5 ninjas de la hoja que serian grandes vengadores y 5 que no 4

Kakashi Hatake was Naruto Uzumaki’s first teacher outside of the academy, and he helped Naruto discover all kinds of advanced jutsu and techniques, including the Rasengan of the windmill in Shippuden. But Kakashi is more than a teacher and mentor in the Leaf Village.

Kakashi is quite a team unto himself, having the intelligence of a tactical leader, the taijutsu of a brute-force warrior, the ninjutsu of a magician, and the Sharingan eyes of a full-blooded Uchiha. Nick Fury would be happy to recruit Kakashi and assign him the leadership of a team of Avengers in battle.

5 THEY CAN’T ENTER THE AVENGERS: Danzo Shimura is not to be trustednaruto 5 ninjas de la hoja que serian grandes vengadores y 5 que no 5

Danzo is a vilified villain in the history of Naruto , as he is a ruthless schemer who has strict and unforgiving ideas about how the Leaf Village should be governed. Admittedly, he is an intelligent and powerful shinobi who truly wants the best for the Leaf Village, but most people would hesitate to trust him or accept his methods.

Nick Fury is wary of schemers and traitors, and would view the cunning and shady Danzo as a serious threat. Danzo could steal secrets from SHIELD for the benefit of the Root organization, or he could even attempt to take control of the Avengers for himself and fool everyone with advanced genjutsu. It is too risky.

4 COULD JOIN THE AVENGERS: Shikamaru Nara is a born leadernaruto 5 ninjas de la hoja que serian grandes vengadores y 5 que no 6

When it comes time to find and hire a team leader for any mission, the brilliant Shikamaru Nara is always an attractive choice. Tsunade trusted him for Sasuke’s recovery mission, for example, and Shikamaru also helped take down Hidan and Kakuzu.

Shikamaru’s 200+ IQ allows him to think through dozens of moves in advance, as if it were all a shogi match, and he has the patience to wait for the right moment to strike. Shikamaru could easily help coordinate the Avenger and SHIELD against their numerous foes, and would also help catch and eliminate Hydra agents hidden in plain sight.

3 THEY COULD NOT JOIN THE AVENGERS: Ino Yamanaka would be redundant if Tsunade was acceptednaruto 5 ninjas de la hoja que serian grandes vengadores y 5 que no 7

Ino Yamanaka is a very capable support ninja in her own right, and she can also use her family’s unique mind transfer jutsu to take control of an enemy. But it’s not always easy to get it during an Avengers battle, and some enemies, like Ultron, would be too difficult to control with that jutsu.

Ino also has medical experience, which is good, but Nick Fury will have Tsunade for that, and Tsunade is the best at what she does. Ino can’t even join the Avengers as a leader or strategist, as Nick Fury could turn to Captain America and Shikamaru for that.

2 COULD JOIN THE AVENGERS: Kurenai Yuhi can use genjutsunaruto 5 ninjas de la hoja que serian grandes vengadores y 5 que no 8

Genjutsu techniques won’t work on Ultron robots, but on the other hand, Kurenai could use her illusions to fool the other Avengers enemies during covert operations. He could trick alleged Hydra agents into surrendering, or he could lure Avengers enemies with other illusions.

Kurenai is best known for her genjutsu, but she can also defend herself in battle with taijutsu and standard gear, so she won’t be totally vulnerable if someone sees through her illusions. Still, you may want to bring a teammate.

1 COULD NOT JOIN AVENGERS: Shino Aburame beetles will not work at full capacitynaruto 5 ninjas de la hoja que serian grandes vengadores y 5 que no 9

Shino Aburame is a master of the chakra beetles, and is a member of Team 8, along with Hinata Hyuga and Kiba Inuzuka. Shino is a calm and cool-headed ninja who, like Shikamaru, always thinks ahead and waits for the right moment to strike, even if he doesn’t have a genius IQ.

However, Shino probably wouldn’t earn a spot among the Avengers, as his scarabs must eat the enemy’s chakra to thrive, and villains like Thanos, Loki, and Ultron certainly don’t have chakra. While that’s not a problem, Shino’s ninjutsu-based firepower is still below Avengers standards.