Naruto: 5 harsh realities of being a Jonin (and 5 perks)

Jonin are known to be extremely capable ninjas, and it is the second highest rank a ninja can achieve. from Naruto after Kage’s. Jonin possess great skill and can take on almost anyone in combat, making them ideal for protecting the village and leading the younger shinobi.

Along with skill, their battle experience and maturity are what differentiate them from the lower ranks of shinobi. Although they are quite skilled, living the life of a Jonin is certainly not easy. In fact, they have to face many difficulties in their daily life.

10 The harsh reality: They have to face S-rank missions

Being the most experienced and skilled shinobi in their village, the Jonin are responsible for taking on the most difficult tasks. This means that all S-rank missions fall on your shoulders. Although most of them get the job done, these missions are extremely dangerous and could very well result in their death, as seen in several cases throughout the series. Naruto.

9 Pros: Jonin have a lot of authoritynaruto 5 duras realidades de ser un jonin y 5 ventajas 1

As a ninja is promoted to higher ranks, he gains more authority. A Chunin has more authority than a Genin, and a Jonin has much more authority than both. They are allowed to make their own decisions on missions, and their squad is expected to follow their orders. The Jonin act as leaders in risk missions, and the same cannot be said for the lower two ninja ranks.

8 The harsh reality: Sometimes they are forced to fight adversitynaruto 5 duras realidades de ser un jonin y 5 ventajas 2

A Jonin ninja is often sent on a mission that is too much for them, even for a shinobi of their caliber. For example, the best jonin in Konoha often faced threats like the Akatsuki, and those fights rarely ended well. Asuma Sarutobi even lost his life after his encounter with the Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu.

7 advantages: Ninja Jonin are highly respected around the worldnaruto 5 duras realidades de ser un jonin y 5 ventajas 3

Skill and maturity are very important in the series Naruto, and when a ninja possesses both, he is respected throughout the ninja world. Their vision is considered valuable because of the position they occupy.

Unsurprisingly, each ninja gains more strength, insight, and experience when he becomes a Jonin. Because of this, many of them have earned the reputation and respect of other villages and ninjas.

6 The harsh reality: They have to protect students along with themselvesnaruto 5 duras realidades de ser un jonin y 5 ventajas 4

Each Jonin is responsible for protecting their students, and at times this job can be daunting. While most missions are successful without much trouble, there are others where the Jonin find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Kakashi’s mission in the Land of Waves arc is the perfect example of a Jonin who has to protect himself and his students. Kakashi and Team Seven were lucky to get out of that mission alive against the likes of Zabuza and Haku.

5 Pros: Jonin leaders can be positive influences on young ninjanaruto 5 duras realidades de ser un jonin y 5 ventajas 5

Jonin leaders have a great responsibility on their shoulders, as they are at the top of every ninja team. At the same time, they can be a positive influence on your squads. Essentially, each Jonin plays an important role in building their team and raising capable shinobi. Kakashi taught Chidori to Sasuke, and this would not have been possible for Sasuke to learn it under any other Jonin. Similarly, Kakashi also helped Naruto with the Rasenshuriken.

4 The harsh reality: Jonin has to be willing to die for the villagenaruto 5 duras realidades de ser un jonin y 5 ventajas 6

Each of the Jonin is considered skilled enough to lead the younger ninjas and fight alongside their comrades when danger looms. Part of a Jonin’s job is to be willing to die for his village, but it is a huge sacrifice to ask anyone to do so.

When Pain attacked Konohagakure, Kakashi gave his life to save Choji from a missile that the Path of the Asura used to kill him. Others, like Shizune, also faced similar fates to protect the village.

3 Advantages: Jonin charge more because their missions are toughernaruto 5 duras realidades de ser un jonin y 5 ventajas 7

The missions undertaken by the Jonin are extremely dangerous and far greater than those undertaken by the Genin and Chunin. For this reason, the Jonin receive a much higher pay compared to the other two. Becoming a Jonin means that a ninja will probably not have any financial problems, which makes becoming a Jonin much more lucrative than other jobs in the village.

2 The harsh reality: Jonin sometimes ventures into unknown missionsnaruto 5 duras realidades de ser un jonin y 5 ventajas 8

Sometimes a Jonin will have no idea what kind of missions he is getting into. The difficulty of a mission can change at any time, as seen countless times in the series Naruto. This increases the amount of danger and stress on the mission, especially when the Jonin must consider the safety of their team and potential civilians. Regardless of the changes and circumstances, they are expected to keep doing the job.

1 Perks: The Jonin are very close to becoming Kagenaruto 5 duras realidades de ser un jonin y 5 ventajas 9

Jonin is the highest ninja rank that can be had after Kage’s title. As you might expect, the strongest of the Jonin are taken into account when selecting a Kage. If all goes well, a Jonin can become the next Kage in his village and end his ninja career on a positive note.