Naruto: 5 harsh realities of Edo Tensei (and 5 advantages)

Very few anime franchises have reached the level of worldwide success that it has Naruto , and the series became popular largely because it told a meaningful story. Throughout its development, Naruto featured a wide variety of characters, most of whom were ninjas capable of using multiple jutsu. All jutsu can be deadly if used correctly, and there are certainly jutsu that should be forbidden.

A jutsu is classified as forbidden if it causes excessive damage to the user or causes a large amount of collateral damage. Jutsus that violate the laws of nature are also considered forbidden techniques, and that’s where Edo Tensei comes in. Edo Tensei is a technique that brings the dead back to life, and while it has certain advantages, it also presents some serious problems.

10 The harsh reality: Edo Tensei requires a living sacrifice

Edo Tensei is one of the jutsu that the 2nd Hokage developed, and it turned out to be one of the Leaf Village’s greatest failures. Under normal circumstances, a summoning jutsu requires some kind of sacrifice, and in most cases, a small amount of the summoner’s blood is sufficient. The Edo Tensei is unique in that it literally resurrects people, but for the invocation to be successful, the resurrected soul needs a container. In this case, the recipient has to be a living person.

9 Perk: Reincarnated ninjas have practically unlimited chakranaruto 5 duras realidades del edo tensei y 5 ventajas 1

When a ninja reincarnates with the Edo Tensei, he is able to use each of the jutsu in his arsenal, but he is also able to use his kekkei genkai and his kekkei tōta. This is why the resurrected Uchiha could use their Sharingan, along with why the 2nd Tsuchikage could use Dust Release.

Some ninjas have higher chakra reserves than others, and those reserves end up being depleted, but eventually replenished. Reincarnated ninjas appear to have unlimited chakra, which is because every Edo Tensei ninja possesses high-speed chakra regeneration.

8 The harsh reality: Specific DNA is not always availablenaruto 5 duras realidades del edo tensei y 5 ventajas 2

Kabuto has many strengths, but even he couldn’t find a way around one of the main requirements of the Edo Tensei. The jutsu can only work if there is a living sacrifice, but the summoner also needs to provide a sufficient amount of DNA from the dead individual.

Acquiring DNA usually involves some form of grave robbing, but not all ninjas are buried. Kabuto wanted to resurrect Shisui Uchiha, but there were hardly any remains available. He also wanted to bring Jiraiya back, but was unable to acquire any DNA as Jiraiya’s body was at the bottom of the sea.

7 Advantage: Reincarnates can serve as Jinchūrikinaruto 5 duras realidades del edo tensei y 5 ventajas 3

The jinchūriki are feared because they all have a beast with a tail sealed inside of them, which is just one of the harsh realities they have to deal with. All of these jinchūriki were hunted by the Akatsuki, and six of them were resurrected by Kabuto during the 4th Great Ninja War.

Until the current war, it was assumed that a tailed beast could only be sealed within a living host, but Kabuto and Obito were able to seal them within their resurrected hosts. This means that someone can create a practically indestructible jinchūriki.

6 The harsh reality: Reincarnates are forced to fight their loved onesnaruto 5 duras realidades del edo tensei y 5 ventajas 4

Edo Tensei can be used to bring anyone back to life, who is forced to carry out the summoner’s orders. This usually involves fighting live opponents, and sometimes these opponents are individuals they cared for when they were alive.

This was evident when the 1st and 2nd Hokage were forced to fight the 3rd Hokage, but it also happened when Asuma was forced to fight his former students. The Hyūga conflict ultimately went nowhere, which is unfortunate since Hisashi was forced to fight his reanimated younger brother on the battlefield.

5 Perk: The Reincarnated Return Without Physical Damage or Diseasenaruto 5 duras realidades del edo tensei y 5 ventajas 5

Those who are resurrected with the Edo Tensei are able to use all the abilities they had access to when they were alive, but they also return with the physical impairments they had at the time of their death. This was seen when Nagato was revived with her damaged legs.

These physical problems can be washed away, but any physical damage they have taken before their death is erased. Diseases do not carry over either, as was apparent when Itachi did not suffer any of the side effects associated with the disease that ultimately killed him.

4 The harsh reality: It can be countered in multiple waysnaruto 5 duras realidades del edo tensei y 5 ventajas 6

Edo Tensei is a truly terrifying jutsu, but like any other jutsu in existence, it has its weak points. The 3rd Hokage proved that the Edo Tensei can be stopped if the souls of the reanimated ninjas are removed from their vessel. Itachi then demonstrated that the user can be forced to undo the jutsu using genjutsu.

Another method involves the reanimated soul finding closure, which was shown when Sasori realized that he was immortalized through the puppets he created. The vessels themselves can also be stopped if they are immobilized and subsequently sealed with a sealing jutsu.

3 Advantage: reincarnates are immortalnaruto 5 duras realidades del edo tensei y 5 ventajas 7

Summoning Jutsu have been used very creatively and are mainly used to summon some kind of animal. Some of these animals are quite strong, but all can be injured or killed. The Edo Tensei is a summoning jutsu, but the reanimated ninja cannot die from his injuries.

A revived ninja can have his limbs blown off or his body cut in half, and he will simply regenerate. Even if the reanimated body is completely blown away, the entire body of the ninja will end up completely regenerating. This means that the Edo Tensei allows the user to literally create immortal weapons.

2 The harsh reality: Some reincarnated people can break free of itnaruto 5 duras realidades del edo tensei y 5 ventajas 8

The person performing the Edo Tensei is supposed to be the only one who can control the reanimated ninja, but this is not always the case. If the reanimated individual knows the correct hand signs, he can break the invocation contract and become independent again. This is how Madara broke free.

The 3rd Kazekage broke free from Orochimaru’s control when he refused to be used as a mere tool. Itachi also proved that the Mangekyō Sharingan could be used to break the contract when he used Shisui’s Kotoamatsukami to launch a powerful genjutsu on himself.

1 advantage: the summoner can literally create his own armynaruto 5 duras realidades del edo tensei y 5 ventajas 9

The ninja world has been through multiple wars, but the fourth was the only one that used the Edo Tensei on a large scale. The Allied Shinobi Forces had to face a 100,000-strong White Zetsu army, but a large part of their casualties came from the reanimated ninja army provided by Kabuto.

Facing a revived opponent is difficult enough, but an army of immortal and indestructible foes is simply gruesome. The worst part is that technically anyone can create an Edo Tensei army as long as they have time to gather all the materials.