Naruto: 5 reasons why Danzō Shimura would have been the best Hokage ever

One of the things that we can see and highlight within the history of Naruto They are two groups of characters which, have a very marked ideology from the beginning of history, these are the ‘Idealists‘ and the ‘Realistic‘. The ‘Idealists‘are those citizens of Konoha who live with “the will of fireThroughout his life, this will represents the power of love.

Sample of this is the same Hashirama, who believed that with the power of love (will to fire) you can solve everything. On the side of the ‘Realistic‘ we have Tobirama, since he was the one who was in charge of providing the town with everything necessary for its growth as a nation; Laws, study, security, etc.

If I explain this to you, it is so that you understand Danzō Shimura a little better, who could possibly have been the best Hokage of all Naruto. Once you understand this, I will tell you 5 reasons why we strongly believe in Danzo. Also, I will try to explain why Danzō Shimura He wasn’t such a cruel villain after all.

Ideals without power are nothing: This phrase can quickly sum up to Danzō Shimura. During much of Naruto’s plot we were able to meet Danzo, an arrogant character who at all times seemed to seek war against other villages, but what was the purpose of this? Danzo at all times sought to keep Konoha as one of the strongest villages in order not to be the target of continuous attacks or easy targets of enemies.

I continue Tobirama’s legacy: Danzó was, like Sarutobi, one of Tobirama’s students “The Second Hokage”This led Danzo to perfectly understand the vision of his teacher, being a supporter of violence and war in a rational way at all times, this led him to achieve peace in moments of tension.

Against the ideals of Sarutobi: It may not seem like a big deal but Danzo was against Hiruzen is one of the best points and the best way to understand the character. Danzo refused at all times to speak with the Uchiha to make them understand why they should not attack. Konoha.

Let us remember that Sarutobi always wanted to seek the dialogue of a group which had been sent to a place where they could be watched due to the insecurity he felt towards them. At that moment is when Danzo acted in the best way, he avoided the death of thousands of people in the village, sacrificing only hundreds of them with the help of Itachi Uchiha.

Itachi pursued the same ideals as Danzo: It seems crazy but the great Itachi Uchiha pursued the same ideals as Danzo. This is due to his help to exterminate the Uchiha clan, remember that Itachi was always seen as one of the most outstanding characters in anime, since he was a child he had the thought of a Hokage.

This led Itachi to decide between Sarutobi’s dialogue or Danzo’s extermination. It is something strong, but the bases that Danzo proposed about maintaining a unified village, where the laws were well imparted and with fairness, were accepted by Itachi, this is undoubtedly a key point for Danzo.

The safety of the village above all: At this point I think you have realized something, we are based on Danzo’s ideals and what we have seen in the anime. If you paid attention you will realize that at all times, Danzo, watch over the safety of the village no matter what. He stopped a civil war which could have become the fourth ninja war, corrected and sustained the village during a time of crisis. The things that Danzo did from the shadows were certainly not well received but it does not make the character bad or could not be Hokage.

Once arrived here, it only remains to say one thing, Danzo was not so bad after all … it is not true, Danzo is the best villain within Naruto, he is a warlord at his best, but just think for a second that he could have greatly improved Konoha had it been for Sarutobi, the old man who left Naruto alone for years. Anyway.