Naruto: 5 voice actors who succeeded in their role (and 5 who failed)

Despite what many who are unfamiliar with the industry tend to think, voice acting is not an easy task. Things can get even more complicated when it comes to dubbing content in English, which is the cast of voice actors we’ll be focusing on. It can be a struggle to get things right and align the translations with the lip flaps that don’t always match properly.

There are some characters in the series who have been given such a good voice and who sound so iconic that it is incredibly difficult to imagine another person taking their place. Others, although the announcers do not do it badly, simply do not fit with the character that is assigned to them and they are a bit strange.

10. NAILED: Tom Gibis perfectly captures the personality of Shikamaru, a carefree brainiac

Tom Gibis is Shikamaru’s English voice actor, and he does an absolutely fantastic job in his role. His voice is not at all obtrusive, which is certainly useful when delving into one of his long speeches on his battle tactics and strategies.

He perfectly captures Shikamaru’s cool and laid-back personality. The rare moments in which he shows serious emotions for those close to him are also very well treated.

9 FAILED: Konohamaru makes it difficult for Colleen O’Shaughnesseynaruto 5 actores de doblaje que acertaron en su papel y 5 que fracasaron 1

Konohamaru’s voice in the early days of English dubbing can be incredibly difficult to hear at times. In her defense though, this isn’t really the voice actress’s fault, as Colleen O’Shaughnessey is incredibly talented and voices Ino, Chocho, and Hanabi as well.

It is quite difficult for young characters, especially male anime characters, to have a good voice in dubbing. In Japanese it is not usually that squeaky, but there is something about young children in English dubbing that is almost always squeaky and difficult to hear.

8 NAILED: Yuri Lowenthal nails Sasuke’s daring and avenging sidenaruto 5 actores de doblaje que acertaron en su papel y 5 que fracasaron 2

Sasuke’s personality is perfectly captured in his voice, and it is not surprising given the talent of Yuri Lowenthal. He has voiced nearly six hundred characters in total over the course of his career, an absolutely staggering number, and with all those roles comes a refined talent.

Sasuke’s voice is possibly the best done on Team Seven. He even brings out his inexperienced and grumpy father side that appears during Boruto.

7 FAILED: Many fans are not interested in the English voice of Naruto By Maile Flanagannaruto 5 actores de doblaje que acertaron en su papel y 5 que fracasaron 3

Especially when it comes to the early days of the series, a lot of fans really have a problem with the way Naruto’s English voice comes out. This is not Maile Flanagan’s fault, but Naruto suffers the same fate as Konohamaru. A prepubertal child voiced by an adult woman does not always translate well.

This is compounded by the number of Talk-No-Jutsu speeches Naruto gives throughout the series, which means there is really no way around his voice. It’s not that the voice Naruto is given doesn’t suit him, but there are plenty of other voices that overshadow it, at least until after the first timeskip.

6 NAILED: Orochimaru’s menacing and imposing presence is perceived from his first line of dialogue by Steve Blumnaruto 5 actores de doblaje que acertaron en su papel y 5 que fracasaron 4

Orochimaru is the main antagonist of much of theserie Naruto, and his character has an almost perfect voice. Steve Blum does a fantastic job of capturing Orochimaru’s intimidating and evil presence.

It’s hard not to feel chills when hearing their lines for the first time, which often means the viewer experiences the same chilling terror as the characters. When the voice actors are able to deepen the fans’ connection to the series through their work, they have done a truly phenomenal job.

5 FAILED: The English voice of Chiyo by Barbara Goodson doesn’t do it justice like the sub does.naruto 5 actores de doblaje que acertaron en su papel y 5 que fracasaron 5

Besides young children, there is another demographic that doesn’t seem to get very good voices when transitioning from Japanese subtitles to English dubbing. Sadly, it often seems like older characters are under-represented when it comes to voices, as it’s often much younger people who are trying to make their voice sound older.

Fans have pointed out that Chiyo is sometimes irritating, especially because of the way she pronounces Sasori’s name. Since most of his screen time is a long fight against Sasori, it is a bit difficult to listen to.

4. FACT: Kakashi is masterfully portrayed by Dave Wittenburgnaruto 5 actores de doblaje que acertaron en su papel y 5 que fracasaron 6

There is no one who can play Kakashi in English like Dave Wittenburg. Whatever emotion Kakashi needs to convey on screen, he does an absolutely phenomenal job.

His serious jonin side, laid-back side, and intense combat side are masterfully crafted and give the feeling that he is a real and intimately embodied character. The few moments when he is seen as a fan of the Make-Out Paradise series are very well expressed and very easy to understand for most anime fans, who have their own fictional obsessions.

3 FAILED: Catero Colbert tries to tap into Killer Bee’s comedic side, but it doesn’t work outnaruto 5 actores de doblaje que acertaron en su papel y 5 que fracasaron 7

Catero Colbert doesn’t do a bad job when it comes to dubbing Killer Bee. In fact, the voice that they end up putting on him fits his character quite well, since he is known to have a rather comical side, but that is also part of the problem.

Especially as the series progresses, Naruto focuses less and less on the comic aspects of the show. Killer Bee appears in some very important fights and moments, so his voice, which is strange compared to the Japanese, leaves some fans dissatisfied.

2. FACT: Temari is the perfect mix of cheek and power with the voice of Tara Plattnaruto 5 actores de doblaje que acertaron en su papel y 5 que fracasaron 8

Temari’s English voice actress excels when it comes to transmitting her character. Make Temari a fan favorite, despite being technically an enemy of the Blade from the start.

It is not surprising if we consider that it is Tara Platt who gives her voice. She is a highly talented actress known for other popular roles such as Edelgard from Three Houses, Mitsuru y Elizabeth de Person 3, y Washimi de Aggretsuko.

1 FAIL: Danzo’s voice actor isn’t bad, but William Frederick Knight doesn’t seem to suit his characternaruto 5 actores de doblaje que acertaron en su papel y 5 que fracasaron 9

In some cases, an anime character may end up with a voice that doesn’t seem to fit him. This is the case of Danzo, voiced by William Frederick Knight.

Virtually all of his roles are of elderly male characters, and while Danzo fits the bill, his voice feels out of place. His Japanese voice isn’t that flat and shows Danzo’s age while still fitting in with his menacing character, making it quite difficult to compete with the submarine in this case.