Naruto: 8 characters that would be the perfect match for Karin

Karin is a fiery redhead, a characteristic trait of the members of the Uzumaki Clan. As a child, to escape the destruction of war, Karin and her mother took refuge in Kusagakure. Following the death of Karin’s mother and the burning of her village, Karin was discovered by Orochimaru.

Orochimaru studied Karin’s healing abilities and ended up putting her in charge of his Southern Hideout. Karin is a very smart and capable kunoichi, but she is never a partner with anyone. There are many characters throughout the series that would be a perfect match for Karin, should Karin decide to settle down.

8 Itachi would always be loyal to Karin

After murdering the entire Uchiha Clan, Itachi is labeled a criminal and flees from the Leaf Village. However, in reality, Itachi committed the horrendous act out of loyalty to the Leaf Village. It is that loyalty that would make him a great companion.

At heart, Itachi is a kind person who opposes fights and seeks a quick solution. Even if he and Karin got into a fight, he would never let it drag on. Once committed, he would be loyal to her and protect her.

7 Kabuto and Karin Share Similar Backgroundsnaruto 8 personajes que serian la pareja perfecta para karin 1

Kabuto is orphaned after his village is destroyed in a battle. Her childhood is similar to Karin’s because her village is also destroyed and she is orphaned after her mother dies helping the shinobi.

Like Karin, Kabuto is taken in by Orochimaru and helps him in his experiments. Both Karin and Kabuto are very smart. They can conduct research together, and Karin can provide Kabuto with new glasses when he needs them. They also make a great team when it comes to nin-doctors.

6 Ino and Karin could combine their sensory abilitiesnaruto 8 personajes que serian la pareja perfecta para karin 2

Karin possesses a unique sensory ability known as Kagura’s Mind’s Eye. With this ability, he is able to distinguish the chakra signature of a target, even determining its species at a great distance.

While other sensory users like Ino must mold a person’s chakra before they can detect it, Karin can do so effortlessly. Karin and Ino can combine their sensory abilities to help protect the village and locate targets before they become a threat.

5 Shikamaru is used to strong womennaruto 8 personajes que serian la pareja perfecta para karin 3

Having been raised by a strong and outspoken mother, and being on a team with Ino, Shikamaru is familiar with powerful women. Due to her upbringing and laid-back demeanor, Shikamaru would balance out Karin’s more dominant personality traits.

It is also evident that Shikamaru is attracted to strong women due to his relationship with Temari. If things between him and Temari hadn’t worked out, Karin might have been the safe woman for Shikamaru.

4 Karin could help Jugo with his ragenaruto 8 personajes que serian la pareja perfecta para karin 4

Jugo is someone Karin meets as part of Sasuke’s Taka initiative to hunt down Itachi. Jugo is known to have fits of rage in which he becomes extremely violent. Deep down, Jugo is a very kind person who loves animals and even has the ability to communicate with them.

Due to Jugo’s kind nature, Jugo seeks Orochimaru’s help to control his outbursts. As a member of the Uzumaki Clan, Karin possesses the ability to use chains of chakra to subdue an individual, so she could provide comfort to Jugo and act as his cage.

3 Suigetsu loves to push Karin’s buttonsnaruto 8 personajes que serian la pareja perfecta para karin 5

Suigetsu and Karin meet after he escapes from one of Orochimaru’s hiding places. When Sasuke forms Hebi, Karin and Suigetsu have to work together. Most of the time they are seen arguing, and Suigetsu loves to tease Karin for her feelings for Sasuke.

Although Karin has told Suigetsu that he disgusts her, it seems that over time she has gone soft on him. Her temper has calmed down a bit, but he still likes to take her chestnuts out of the fire. The two of you spend a lot of time together, and opposites attract. One thing is for sure, there is passion, be it love or hate.

2 Sakura and Karin would make a great teamnaruto 8 personajes que serian la pareja perfecta para karin 6

Both Sakura and Karin have a lot in common. Not only do they harbor deep feelings for Sasuke, but they also possess traits that make them a great team of medical ninjas. Karin has the unique ability to replenish someone’s chakra if bitten, and Sakura studies medical ninjutsu and chakra control with Tsunade.

Due to her studies, Sakura has an incredible chakra reserve, which naturally attracts Karin as she is attracted to a person’s chakra. Together they can heal injured shinobi and replenish the chakra of the injured.

1 Karin is attracted to Sasuke’s Chakranaruto 8 personajes que serian la pareja perfecta para karin 7

Sasuke and Karin meet when she is a genin. Karin participates in the Chunin exams together with genin from other villages. When Karin is attacked by a bear, Sasuke appears and saves her, leaving a huge impression on Karin.

Part of his attraction to Sasuke also comes from his overwhelming chakra. Due to her abilities, she is attracted to people with a strong chakra, and even when Sasuke’s chakra darkens, she is still attracted to him.