Naruto: 9 gifts Sasuke and Itachi weren’t the only Uchiha left

Throughout the original series of NarutoIt seemed that Sasuke and Itachi were the only two Uchiha alive, and their mutual hatred was one of the strongest arguments in the series. Apparently Itachi had killed the entire rest of the clan, leaving Sasuke alive so that one day he could kill his brother.

When I arrive Shippuden, some cracks began to appear in that presumption. Throughout the entire series, it was hinted that there was a third Uchiha still living in the shadows, biding his time before announcing himself. Some of the clues were small, while others clearly revealed the identity of the third survivor.

9 Tobi only has a hole in his mask’s eye

One of the first indications of the existence of another Uchiha was the mere presence of Tobi on the screen during Naruto shippuden. From the moment of his arrival, the question of why he only had a hole in the eye of his mask remained unanswered.

Even then, it seemed likely that it was Obito, especially considering how dumb he was. He acted as an adult Obito would have, had he not endured all the pain he suffered. It was such an obvious result that most fans didn’t believe it was true. Even with Madara’s twist, the obvious answer ended up being the correct one.

8 Tobi’s ability to get out of harm’s waynaruto 9 regalos sasuke e itachi no eran los unicos uchiha que quedaban 1

In addition to his outfit, Tobi also had the ability to phase out through attacks. For most of the series, no one questioned him, as Tobi seemed more of a comic relief character among the other Akatsuki villains.

The ability itself was not fully known until his battle with Konan, who had analyzed how it worked and prepared for it. Once more of his capabilities came to light, his similar nature to what Kakashi could do was hard to ignore. And lo and behold, it was Kakashi himself who put it together.

7 The Uchiha Clan’s Fall Proved Too Convenientnaruto 9 regalos sasuke e itachi no eran los unicos uchiha que quedaban 2

Although the story of Itachi and Sasuke was very good, the massacre of the Uchiha proved too convenient. How did Konoha know that the attack had killed everyone? Had there really been no deserters from the village since Madara left after his battle with Hashirama?

It was irrational that a group of people so fed up with being chased by Konoha hadn’t had a person or two to attack on their own. The Uchiha members were known to be emotional individuals, after all.

6 Itachi’s ability to wipe out an entire clan in one fell swoop defies beliefnaruto 9 regalos sasuke e itachi no eran los unicos uchiha que quedaban 3

Although it was explained that Itachi had wiped out the entire clan by himself, the situation never made much sense. Sure, he was a prodigy and probably the second or third strongest Uchiha in existence, but the fact that he killed an entire clan of people who knew his techniques was pointless. Even in the dead of night, there is no way he could have done this effortlessly. He had to enlist the help of someone, and it turned out that that someone was Obito Uchiha posing as Madara Uchiha.

5 The timing of Kakashi Gaiden’s flashbacks was suspiciousnaruto 9 regalos sasuke e itachi no eran los unicos uchiha que quedaban 4

The way that Kakashi Gaiden functioned as a bridge between Naruto original and Shippuden It gave the feeling that she was prepared for Obito to be part of the story rather than just a way of explaining how Kakashi got his sharingan. Unlike Rin, who was more of a supporting character in the episodes, Kakashi’s relationship with Obito was the main plot. Rarely is a character introduced the way Obito did without serving a greater purpose later on, and that’s exactly what ended up happening.

4 Obito’s body was never recovered after dying in a cavenaruto 9 regalos sasuke e itachi no eran los unicos uchiha que quedaban 5

During el Kakashi GaidenObito pushed Kakashi out of the way of a falling rock, saving his life. He even gave Kakashi his Sharingan as a parting gift before he died. As the rocks kept falling, Rin and Kakashi were unable to save him, leaving him to what they thought would be his death. But his body was not after, forcing them to bury an empty coffin.

When a body is not found, it always means that character is not dead. It is one of the most used tropes in anime, along with the cloud of smoke that always means that a villain has survived whatever attack the heroes have thrown at him.

3 Kakashi unlocked the Mangekyo Sharingan despite not being of Uchiha bloodnaruto 9 regalos sasuke e itachi no eran los unicos uchiha que quedaban 6

The fact that Kakashi suddenly obtained the Mangekyo Sharingan around the time of Shippuden should have been analyzed more than it was done. At the time, most fans accepted it because it was a new advancement for a much-loved character.

But it never made sense how he had unlocked it, especially with what Itachi said to Sasuke earlier in the series. This was the first real indication that Obito had to be still alive somewhere, because it was the only explanation for how Kakashi could use Kamui.

2 The continuous mentions of Madara hinted that he would be the final villain of the seriesnaruto 9 regalos sasuke e itachi no eran los unicos uchiha que quedaban 7

A thing that Naruto did very well is to hint at the legacy of Madara and the Uchiha clan throughout the entire series. Both he and Hashirama were built as untouchable divine figures in the ninja world.

It’s a classic decision in many full-length stories, helping to build the bad ending before it’s inevitably revealed. Naruto He even did it in a way that didn’t turn Madara into an immortal being who would live much longer than he should. It was a good job of foreshadowing until it was usurped by Kaguya at the last second.

1 Obito revealed himself as Madara Uchiha and the true leader of Akatsukinaruto 9 regalos sasuke e itachi no eran los unicos uchiha que quedaban 8

The biggest revelation was that another Uchiha existed when Tobi proclaimed himself Madara Uchiha. The reveal was shocking and the beginning of two of the best story arcs in the entire franchise.

The fact that Tobi was the true leader of Akatsuki was mind boggling and led fans to wonder how Madara was still alive. It was the icing on the other small hints of a third Uchiha lurking in the shadows and helped push the series toward their final showdown.