Naruto: 9 Harsh Realities Of Being At The Sound Four

the villains of Naruto they are often as beloved as the heroes themselves. This may be because of their personalities, as many of them are eccentric and have unique worldviews that contrast with the heroes that viewers are used to following. They can also become popular for their unique and interesting fighting style, something the series is incredibly good at.

Members of the Sound Four are remembered for their unique appearance, as well as their unique fighting styles. Despite being relatively early villains within the franchise of Naruto as a whole, there has never been a group like them. However, there are many things about them that make their realities within the series’ universe quite harsh.

9 They Are Originally Orochimaru’s Prisoners, Forced To Fight Others To The Death

The Sound Four do not come to serve Orochimaru of their own volition. Rather, they begin as its prisoners. They are forced to fight their fellow inmates, and it’s not friendly combat, they fight to the death.

In the end, the four of them proved to be the strongest of all Orochimaru held prisoner. Therefore, they were appointed to be his bodyguard even though they probably harbor hatred towards him.

8 They Have To Accept Kimimaro As Their Leader After Being Defeated By Him In Battlenaruto 9 duras realidades de estar en el sound four 1

Although their official title is the Sound Four, they are technically known as the Sound Five due to being forced to take Kimimaro as their leader. It makes sense that Orochimaru would need someone other than himself to keep them in check, since at this point in the story, his current host body is badly damaged.

Kimimaro was able to easily defeat all four of them in battle and become their leader. They help Orochimaru assassinate the Fourth Kazekage, as well as kill a team in the Chunin Exams, before Kimimaro falls terminally ill and has to retire, making them the Sound Four once more.

7 They Are Forced To Serve, Help And Protect Orochimaru Until His Deathnaruto 9 duras realidades de estar en el sound four 2

The Sound Four are not only forced to kill others to escape their imprisonment, but are also forced to be their bodyguards, until the moment of their death. They pose as the Kazekage’s bodyguards while Orochimaru poses as the Kazekage himself.

After sealing Orochimaru’s arms, they protect him and make sure he escapes safely. The group’s next mission is to retrieve Sasuke to become his next vessel, a task that will ultimately end the lives of all four.

6 They Lose To Sasuke’s Retrieval Team, A Group Of Teenagersnaruto 9 duras realidades de estar en el sound four 3

The Sound Four only manage to embark on a handful of missions together before they are tasked with retrieving Sasuke. They succeed, but on the way they meet the Konoha Special Missions Squad, a group of highly skilled jonin.

They are forced to use the power of their cursed seals to defeat them and are then attacked by the Sasuke Retrieval Team while still trying to recover from their previous fights. If they could have fought Naruto’s group at full power, they probably would have survived.

5 Tayuya, Sakon, And Udon Would Have Won Their Fights If It Wasn’t For The Sand Brothersnaruto 9 duras realidades de estar en el sound four 4

Jirobo loses his life against Choji, while Kidomaru ends up succumbing to Neji. However, the other half of the Sound Four – Tayuya vs. Shikamaru and Kiba vs. Sakon & Udon – would have actually won their matches had it not been for the intervention.

Unfortunately for them, Temari and Kankuro respectively show up to make sure their new allies in the Hidden Leaf are still alive, and the Sound Four are ultimately defeated. It has to be an especially bitter loss knowing how close they came to being victorious.

4 In The End They Fail In Their Mission To Bring Sasuke Back To Be Orochimaru’s Next Hostnaruto 9 duras realidades de estar en el sound four 5

Although Sasuke manages to reach Orochimaru after the Sound Four are defeated, his mission is ultimately a failure. This is due to the fact that he does not arrive quickly enough to become Orochimaru’s next vessel, as was the original plan, as he is held back during his fight against Naruto.

Not only do they all end up losing their lives in order to hold off the Retrieval Team long enough to successfully complete their mission, but it ultimately fails.

3 Sasuke’s Retrieval Team Beats Them Not Once, But Twicenaruto 9 duras realidades de estar en el sound four 6

It’s bad enough that the Sound Four, a group of hardened prisoners who have had to fight tooth and nail to prove they are stronger than anyone else, lose to a group of mostly genin. What’s even worse is that in the end they end up losing to them again.

Three years after their death, they are revived by Kabuto, who orders them to seek revenge against those who killed them. However, at this point, the recovery team members have improved significantly, and are able to defeat them after Naruto frees them from the Space-Time Technique.

2 Their overconfidence is one of the reasons why they end up losingnaruto 9 duras realidades de estar en el sound four 7

Due to the fact that they are considered to be some of Orochimaru’s strongest subordinates, as well as the way they were chosen in the first place, the Sound Four are incredibly confident. This is one of the reasons why the Sand Brothers have enough time to catch up with Sakon, Udon and Tayuya and defeat them.

This is especially true of Sakon and Udon, who are quick to anger and waste time using super flashy jutsu when provoked. If they spent less time playing and took their opponents more seriously, they probably could have finished things off sooner and ultimately succeeded.

1 Kabuto and Orochimaru point to Kimimaro as a vital member, even though the Solid Four do not want him on the team.naruto 9 duras realidades de estar en el sound four 8

The Sound Four are happy as they are and don’t want another member, but are forced to take Kimimaro as their leader after he easily defeats them all in combat. However, soon after, Kimimaro becomes terminally ill and has to withdraw from the team.

Following the partial failure of the Crush Konoha mission, both Kabuto and Orochimaru point out that things would probably have gone much better if Kimimaro was still there to lead the Sound Four. It must hurt him to know that they are only partially effective without a leader that they didn’t even want.