Naruto: 9 Things That Make No Sense About Team 7

During the franchise of Naruto, one of the most memorable teams in the series was Team Seven. This team consisted of Naruto Uzumaki, the protagonist and namesake of the franchise, Sakura and Sasuke. These students were instructed by Kakashi, who was their leader and instructor. In general, during this franchise, this team, especially the three students, grew up together. Thus, they became friends and strong teammates.

As the series got deeper into the characters, a lot was revealed about Kakashi, Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura. As a result, the teammates also realized different facts about each other.

9 Why was Kakashi wearing the mask?

For most of the franchise, Kakashi wore his black mask over his nose and mouth. At one point, the other members of Team Seven tried to force Kakashi to show them his face. The team tried it in a number of ways. Despite their efforts, they couldn’t see Kakashi’s full face.

Despite being a powerful ninja, Kakashi didn’t seem to realize what they were doing. After those attempts, Kakashi still kept his mask on, even when he read alone at home.

8 How can Naruto be strategic and easily outmaneuvered?naruto 9 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre el equipo 7 1

When it comes to Naruto’s experiences and battle strategies, there were multiple times that Naruto saved the day through an attack or plan. On one occasion, he outmaneuvered a more experienced ninja with his plan. But, even though Naruto acted strategically, he has been outmatched.

When two ninjas posed as Guy and Rock Lee, Naruto was easily fooled by them. But their costumes were just Lee and Guy’s black clothing styles and hairstyles. Other than those parts, the ninjas did not bear any similarities to them.

7 Why did it take Sakura so long to get interested in Naruto?naruto 9 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre el equipo 7 2

During her time as Naruto’s teammate, Sakura had mixed feelings for Naruto. It seemed like most of the time she was upset with him. Of course, Naruto had acted immature and rude, but there were many times when he had rescued or protected her.

Sakura had mainly cared for Sasuke, while showing less respect for Naruto. Naruto may have been immature, but he didn’t become a partner with enemies. Unlike Naruto, Sasuke did fight with his team and abandoned it.

6 Why did Sasuke think he could be the Hokage?naruto 9 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre el equipo 7 3

Since becoming a member of Team Seven, Sasuke’s anger had become more apparent. In fact, his desire for revenge against Itachi had also created jealousy against Naruto. As Naruto struggled to become the Hokage, Sasuke got into multiple fights with his team and even teamed up with Orochimaru, the enemy of the village, who murdered the Third Hokage.

Despite all these problems, Sasuke kept telling Naruto that he too was trying to become the Hokage. But a Hokage was the protector and caretaker of the village, something Sasuke had trouble doing.

5 How could Sasuke and Naruto hurt each other while also trying to save each other?naruto 9 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre el equipo 7 4

Unlike Kakashi and Guy, Naruto and Sasuke’s rivalry became increasingly dangerous for them. At first, the boys tried to outdo each other by climbing the trees higher and faster, like normal rivals.

Their relationship soon became more dangerous when Sasuke and Naruto tried to fight each other. As the situation grew more intense, both Sasuke and Naruto prepared to use their most dangerous moves against each other. However, after that battle, Naruto kept trying to help Sasuke and be his friend.

4 Why didn’t Sakura hone her fighting skills?naruto 9 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre el equipo 7 5

During the first two seasons of the franchise, Sakura often struggled as she watched both Naruto and Sasuke’s strength increase. Especially in the beginning, Sakura mentioned how weak she was compared to her team members. In the end, Sakura convinced Tsunade to become her sensei, and she figured out how to become a medical ninja.

Before this choice, Sakura had these doubts, and while the two boys spent a lot of time learning and sparring, Sakura didn’t seem to be as focused as they were when it came to fighting.

3 Why was Sakura so in love with Sasuke?naruto 9 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre el equipo 7 6

Throughout most of the franchise, Sakura had a crush on Sasuke. Even though Sasuke was hardly kind to her, Sakura cared more for him than Naruto, even though Naruto showed more interest and care for Sakura.

In fact, when Naruto saved Sakura from drowning and tried to give her CPR, Sakura got mad at him. Instead, he followed Sasuke, letting Naruto catch up with them after recovering from his blow. Despite Sasuke’s treatment of Sakura, she remained in love with Sasuke for most of the franchise.

2 How is it possible that Kakashi is a great ninja and gets carried away by a book ending?naruto 9 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre el equipo 7 7

As the sensei of Team Seven, Kakashi was one of the best ninjas. As a result, he could fight powerful opponents like Itachi. So it should be difficult to defeat or surpass him, even during a test for younger ninjas. However, when Sakura and Naruto tried to snatch the two bells from him for the test, they used the book given to Kakashi by Naruto.

Naruto knew that Kakashi liked the book and began to tell the ending to Kakashi. This tactic misled the experienced ninja, allowing him to snatch the bells.

1 If the Fourth Hokage was Naruto’s father, why did the village abandon Naruto?naruto 9 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre el equipo 7 8

One of Naruto’s strongest memories was of being abandoned by the Hidden Leaf Village. In fact, this problem was the main impetus for his desire to obtain the title of Hokage.

However, why did the village abandon or drive away young Naruto? The main reason was that Naruto was attached to the Nine-Tailed Fox. But the Fourth Hokage, Naruto’s father, assured Naruto of the fox. Although Naruto’s father was the Hokage who rescued the village with Naruto’s help, the villagers still despised Naruto.