Naruto: Acky, French model makes your heart race with her Hinata cosplay

When something is good, we like to repeat, right? That is why we bring more content of this great cosplaywhich the beautiful French model has prepared for us and all fans of anime of Narutoand it is that, friends, you are welcome to our section of cosplaywhich has become one of the most visited and favorite of our followers, so we will not stop at details to pamper them and let them know a little more about each style, so you can enjoy your hobby.

The artists of the disguise, prepare us every time better works of cosplayand we have found a beautiful cosplayer, who brings us an interesting version of hinatathe girl, who is one of the main characters within the anime series, and the couple of Naruto. A girl who had a difficult story, but who found happiness with her loved and admired Narutobut come on, let’s get to know her, the journey begins here…

We talk about hinata hyuugathe eldest daughter of the leader of the hyuuga clan, thus she was the rightful heir to the main house of the clan, but her father decided that she was not strong enough, so he appointed her younger sister to the position. This beautiful girl, she had a difficult childhood, full of tragedies and blows of life from a young age, with the passing of time she generates great admiration and appreciation for Narutobecause he protected her so many times, that she saw him as an example to follow.

Over time, all that admiration turned into love, until she managed to get up after a long list of challenges and adversities, where even her own family tries to kill her repeatedly, but with the support of Naruto and his friends, managed to get ahead; so that later, with the passing of time, Naruto he declares his love for her and says that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, to which hinata finally she manages to feel happiness and sheds tears of joy, because right there a new story begins for her and her love.

The cosplayer girl is called ackyis a beautiful French model, who also streams, you can find her through her account Instagram official as @acky.foxywhere it has more than 37 thousand followersand many interesting cosplay jobs, which we believe could be to your liking.

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