Naruto: Akamaru And 8 Other Animal Companions In The Anime

There are many different types of creative shinobi in the world of Naruto. There are those who relentlessly train to become unseen masters of their field, allowing them to use abilities that others cannot handle. There are those born with innate bloodline traits that enhance their powers, and those born with chakra natures that they can manipulate and combine into a unique, one-of-a-kind jutsu.

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And while they don’t focus on them as much, there are those who can summon companions in battle to help them fight, stalk, or heal. In addition to fighting alongside their mate, some characters, like Kiba, form such a strong bond that they can essentially be considered one and the same. Others like Shizune simply have animals as pets and then there are contracted summoning animals that only appear when called into battle.

9 Akamaru has been stuck alongside Kiba since the days of the Academy

kiba et renfrogné akamaru naruto

When you think of the series’ animal companions, Kiba’s pet dog, Akamaru, is probably one of the first that comes to mind. Their relationship is incredibly healthy, not to mention the unique fighting style that comes from their partnership.

Akamaru was given to Kiba during his academy days by his mother. Their relationship didn’t start off on the best note, as Akamaru almost immediately urinated on Kiba’s face, but they quickly overcame this to become loyal partners.

8 Tonton is taken care of by Shizune when he actually belongs to Tsunade

shizune tenant watch naruto

We’d be forgiven for assuming Tonton belongs to Shizune. After all, the two are pretty much inseparable, but Uncle is actually Tsunade’s fiercely loyal pet pig who’s just kept in Shizune’s care most of the time.

Interestingly, Tonton’s sense of smell is better than that of ninja dogs. This ability was used to detect debt collectors before they reach Tsunade so that she could be given advance notice, which is a perfect fit for the Fifth Hokage’s pet.

sept Monkey King Enma was more than just a summons to Hiruzen

roi singe enma naruto

While the relationship between shinobi and their summoned animals is contractual, that doesn’t mean it can’t extend beyond that for some. Such is the case between Hiruzen and his summon, the Monkey King Enma.

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Enma is known to be a fiercely loyal, long-time companion to Hiruzen who has stuck by his side despite the two not always seeing each other in agreement. Primarily, Enma is much less forgiving than Hiruzen, and has repeatedly suggested that Hiruzen simply kill Orochimaru for the Hidden Leaf’s sake.

6 The Toads have a mutual respect for Jiraiya although they don’t always seem happy to be summoned.

jiraiya starts training naruto to summon toads

Toads are the most recurring summon in the entire series. Indeed, Naruto, Jiraiya, and Minato are all capable of summoning them, all of which have a very big impact on the plot of the series as a whole.

Gamabunta and Gamakichi are the best known among the toad summons, but all have a relationship of mutual respect with Jiraiya. It might not always seem like it, especially with Gamabunta’s reluctance to offer his help, but all the Toads were very saddened upon learning of Jiraiya’s death.

5 Kakashi’s Ninken Pack is Incredibly Dangerous and Highly Intelligent

naruto kakashi dog pack

Kiba isn’t the only one with a dog summon in the series, as Kakashi has a whole pack of ninja dogs at his disposal. The main differences are that Kakashi’s are only summonable and his dogs are capable of human intelligence and speech, unlike Akamaru.

The dogs have proven fiercely loyal to Kakashi and very effective in both tracking and combat. Pakkun is especially useful, as he is tasked with finding Sasuke during the Konoha Crush arc and only fails during the Retrieve Sasuke mission arc due to rain.

4 Might Guy uses turtles when he needs them

naruto guy turtle

One of the least seen animal summons in the series has to be Might Guy’s turtles. They are first seen before the Chunin Exams when Guy shows up to scold Lee for going overboard against Sasuke.

For the most part, the Turtles aren’t seen again until Part II, but there’s a good reason for that. Guy tends to hold back from summoning the Turtles for the sole reason that his disciple, Rock Lee, is incapable of using ninjutsu and wants to be considerate of him.

3 Manda serves Orochimaru but only out of malevolent recognition of his power

command of naruto

Manda is a special summon in that her relationship with her summoner, Orochimaru, differs from nearly every other animal summoned to appear in the series. While most contracts are based on mutual respect, Orochimaru’s contract with Manda is only suspended because Manda lacks the strength to defeat him.

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This is why Kabuto gets so panicked whenever Orochimaru uses Manda despite his jutsu use being sealed. If Manda found out about this, the snake would no doubt immediately jump at the chance to eliminate Orochimaru, despite his contract with him.

2 Katsuyu is loyal to Tsunade, and the two are actually good friends.

katsuyu de naruto

Of the three Legendary Three Sannin summons, Katsuyu is by far the most laid back and respectful compared to Gamabunta and Manda. Lady Tsunade – and by extension her student, Sakura – both have great respect for Katsuyu and call her Katsuya-sama, or Lady Katsuyu, depending on the version.

Along with the offensive and defensive advantages that Katsuyu brings to the battlefield, she has also been shown to have a playful friendship with Lady Tsunade. In an omake, Katsuyu is seen telling a joke she told to shock Sakura, and she and Lady Tsunade laugh together at her student’s naivety.

1 Temari has a personal summon in the form of a hyper-destructive and elusive weasel

temari et kamatari naruto

The Hidden Leaf Shinobi aren’t the only ones with access to personal pet summons. Temari is shown to have one as well in the form of a giant white-furred weasel. An eye patch covers his left eye and he wields a sickle almost as large as the weasel itself.

Not much is known about his personality besides being devoted to his summoner, Temari. He can be summoned using Temari’s giant fan and is able to unleash winds so destructive they can level forests. He is also able to move so quickly that the human eye cannot see him, making him a master of stealth.

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