Naruto: All the Hokage of the Leaf Village from Worst to Best

Naruto is one of the most beloved anime and manga series of all time, and the adventures of the ninja world introduce us to amazing characters with unique powers, just like the ones we show you this time who have positioned themselves as the leaders highest ranking within the leaf village.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that the Hokage of Naruto are the largest and most powerful figure in Konoha, the hidden leaf village. These are like the president of this country and today we are going to see which are the best and worst of the seven (and a half) they have had so far.

Danzō (illegitimate Hokage)

He was an illegitimate Hokage after he claimed that Tsunade was incapable of leading the village. He held the position without penalty or glory or recognition but there he remained as a false Hokage and so that it is not forgotten that he was pathetic as such, we will remember him as the worst.

Tobirama Senju

Tobirama did not know how to complete his brother’s work and in his days as Hokage he simply took it upon himself to go to die in the war, leaving all the responsibility to Hiruzen. Tobirama Senju may not have been a great Hokage, but he was the creator of an immense number of skills within the ninja world.

Hiruzen Sarutobi

He was twice in front of the village and both times he ended up being overtaken by his opponents. His weakness was never his lack of power or his skills as a ninja, but rather his lack of judgment to make the right decisions… like keeping his word to Minato and taking care of Naruto so he wouldn’t grow up not knowing that he saved the village as a baby. and that his parents are heroic legends of their country.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto also had complex times as Hokage. He fulfilled his dream and replaced Kakashi as the village leader, however he was not able to keep the peace that his predecessor did. Of course, he has the power, the chakra and the ability to keep the peace with madrazos, but he’s not doing very well.

As we saw in the prelude to the beginning of Boruto, the future of our beloved Naruto Uzumaki seems to be darker than anything else and that includes, of course, the destruction of Konoha, which the great Hokage could not prevent.


The Fifth entered in a moment of emergency and with a war exploding for him, he barely sat in the Hokage’s chair. Managing him at the head of Konoha was enough to keep all of his enemies at bay and also to form the alliances that ultimately helped end all the drama of the war.

Tsunade is also one of the three legendary sanin, so her power and strength are not in doubt, in addition to the fact that she developed techniques and a body of medical ninjas without equal and without precedent in the history of the leaf village. .

Hashirama Senju

The founder of Konoha was also the one who developed the most ninja skills and chakra control. Virtually all teaching and knowledge of this comes from himself, in addition to the fact that he was the one who defeated Madara Uchiha in life to be able to found a country and stop punching to see who could do more.

His skill as a warrior was impressive, but his greatest achievement was doing everything possible so that no one within his nation had to fight anymore, which he did until his brother replaced him.

Minato Namikaze

Naruto’s father is perhaps the greatest hero in living memory before the Fourth Great Ninja War. He was able to diligently fill in for Hiruzen Sarutobi and bring peace to Konoha. However, the times that touched him involved having to sacrifice for the good of his family and his country.

Of course, Minato is also one of the most powerful ninjas on record. His abilities were capable of defeating practically any rival he had…even when he was dead.

Kakashi Hatake

It’s not that Kakashi is the strongest or most powerful ninja of all those who have been named Hokage. However, during his time at the helm of the Leaf Village, things went as they should. Kakashi was a fair and ruthless leader when necessary, but free and flexible when more.

Under his charge Konoha reached a degree of modernity never seen before that we can clearly see in Boruto. Of course, there will be those who have great feats of war, but no one like Kakashi knew how to keep peace in the kingdom.