Naruto and Boruto: A new Rasengan to replace the old one? What is the best version

The new Naruto spin-off titled “Konoha Shinden: Scrolls of the Steam Ninjas” features ainnovative ersion inspired by an iconic technique from the series. The Rasengan, made famous by Naruto after learning it from Jiraiya, is revisited by this story’s protagonist, Mirai Sarutobi, who creates her own unique version of this legendary technique.

In Chapter 14 of “Naruto: Konoha Shinden: Scrolls of the Steam Ninjas”, Mirai comes face to face with Ryuki, the leader of the cult of Jashin who practices kidnappings to sacrifice innocent people to his cruel god. However, Ryuki uses his technique to take over the body of Tatsumi, a young girl Mirai befriended., and forces him to fight the Konoha shinobi. To put an end to this fight, Mirai remembers a technique she learned from Temari, the wife of her master Shikamaru, a specialist in chakra mastery in the style of the Wind. Mirai focuses her chakra in her palms and uses her blades and arms as conductors to strike Ryuki, creating an effect similar to the Rasengan.

Mirai Sarutobi has her own version of Naruto’s Rasengan

The Celestial Whirlwind is a technique inspired by the Rasengan, which was developed by Mirai, a talented shinobi. Unlike the traditional method, where the chakra is concentrated in a rotating sphere, Mirai has adapted the technique to her own fighting style. Rather than forming a separate sphere, she channels chakra directly into her hands and blades., creating a powerful reserve of energy. This modification makes his technique less versatile than the Rasengan, but it also grants an impressive and spectacular strike. A single punch from Mirai can knock an opponent into a wall with devastating force.

Mirai’s Celestial Tourbillon also has a deep and symbolic meaning. His father, Asuma, was known for his ability to manipulate the wind, which was unfortunately killed by a member of the Akatsuki organization, Hidan. The chakra blades Mirai uses are the ones inherited from her father, and she learned from Shikamaru, Asuma’s student, how to channel chakra through them. Although Shikamaru is not an expert in wind manipulation, he enlisted the help of Temari, an expert in the matter. So when Mirai deploys her Celestial Tourbillon technique, it’s the highlight of her journey so far. She combines her father’s jutsu, the teachings of Shikamaru and Temari, and the signature technique of Konoha’s current Hokage. In doing so, she demonstrates that the “will of fire” of the village is an eternal heritage that is transmitted from generation to generation.

naruto shippuden futon techniques

Mirai has proven to be a standout protagonist in this sequel to Naruto. EShe went from an insecure young girl, who was struggling to come to terms with her father’s death, to a brave and determined shinobi who will carry on the legacy of her predecessors. Although the Celestial Whirlwind is not as famous as Naruto’s Rasengan, this is an impressive technique that will leave a strong impression on fans.

What is the best version of the Futon techniques we have talked about in your opinion? Which of the original or the new presented by Mirai would have the greatest power potential if developed with mastery? We let you discuss it in the comments!