Naruto And Boruto Are Two Of Anime’s Highest-Grossing Shows, According To New Data

naruto has been around for decades at this point, and the series continues with the help of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The sequel follows the Hidden Leaf through a whole new era, and plenty to watch every week to see where its story is headed. Sure, some don’t quite understand how the franchise is still thriving after all this time, but a new tax report is here showing everyone how much money naruto and Boruto bring in.

Not long ago, TV Tokyo released its full tax report for 2021, and it breaks down which series made the network the most money. When it comes to anime, this year’s data saw black clover slipping out of the top five after its anime abruptly closed. But when it comes to naruto and Borutothe two series make bank.

TV Tokyo has broken down its net sales for 2021, and naruto came first with Boruto next in seconds. Pokemonthe anime took third place while Yu Gi Oh and Bleach completes the top five. Of course, the network then revealed which anime series made the most gross profit after all of their expenses were revealed. naruto always took first place while Boruto followed behind in second place. Pokemonthe anime retained its third place while Bleach go into fourth and One-punch man secured fifth place.

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As you can see, TV Tokyo continues to profit from both naruto series even after all these years. New and old fans alike aren’t afraid to binge on the original anime and Naruto Shippuden when they have time. As for Boruto, the sequel is still making solid money despite the reviews from disgruntled viewers. And as the anime moves into more manga-centric arcs, you can bet interest in the series will grow along with its cash flow.

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