Naruto and Hello Kitty collaborate for their anniversary

In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the popular anime “Naruto”, sanrio will release two figures that allude to the characters in the saga. On the one hand, we will have your popular pet Hello Kittycosplaying the future seventh Hokage, Naruto Uchiha, while Chococat, another of Sanrio’s characters, will play his best friend and eternal rival, Sasuke Uchiga.

Both figures pose recreating the special attack of each of the characters: Hello Kitty performs the classic Rasengan from Naruto, while Chococat is doing Sasuke’s attack, the Chidori. Both figures are now available for pre-order on the collectible manufacturer’s page. Kid Robot for $94.99 dollars each. The pair is estimated to start shipping to buyers sometime in late 2022.

Although this combination of franchises sounds a bit strange, Naruto and Hello Kitty have already collaborated several times in recent years, launching a series of varied merchandise, from t-shirts and sweaters, to figures Funko Pop!.

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Chococat portrays Sasuke Uchiha from the Naruto anime. / Source:

In addition, Sanrio is well into the world of anime culture, as Hello Kitty’s house is also preparing a collaboration with the anime and manga of ”Sailor Moon”, producing merchandise that combines the Sailor Scouts with the company’s own line of mascot characters. The new collaboration is released to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the premiere of the original anime series.

”Naruto”, created by Masashi Kishimotois celebrating its great 20th anniversary this 2022, since the adaptation of the original anime was released in 2002. With this, the creator has announced that he already has various plans to celebrate this great date so far this year.

The ”Naruto” manga was launched in 1999, being one of the biggest successes of Weekly Shōnen Jump during the anime boom of the early 2000s. The series is the fourth best-selling manga of all time, with over a quarter of a billion copies in circulation.

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