Naruto and his soundtrack reach streaming platforms

Attention Naruto fans! The tracks of this series will finally be available for download!

If you thought the hit animated series Naruto was cool on its own, wait until you hear this! Milan Records has just given us incredible news: the record label puts at our disposal 19 soundtracks of the series in digital format. Finally, all the songs that we listen to in the chapters will be able to be in our player.

Naruto Shipuden
Credit: TV Tokyo

It all started on September 20, when said record label published the news through its Instagram account. In the post it was confirmed that the launch of the soundtracks would be on Friday, September 24. Therefore, Toshio Masuda’s soundtracks for the original TV series are now available. Naruto, as well as those of the movies of Naruto corresponding. There are also the soundtracks by Yasuharu Takanashi for Naruto: Shippuden.

Also, to these premieres the soundtrack for the series is added Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Y Boruto: Naruto the Movieby Takanashi. The best thing is that this is the first time that all this sound material is available outside of Japan, or at least this was confirmed in the Instagram post: «This is the first time that all these albums are available digitally for fans of! everyone!”.

Animated series characters
Crédito: Shonen Jump

In addition, it seems that Milan Records hinted that the news will not stop there, because in their message they also said that they are working on other surprises from Naruto. So if you are fans of Naruto’s red bone, this news surely falls as a gift from heaven.

All the soundtracks are now available on the website from Milan Records. And since we are on the subject of Naruto … did you see the streetwear collection about the series that launched the Team Liquid brand?

Source: Pitchfork