Naruto and Kurama’s relationship is so much more dysfunctional in Kaiju #8 | Pretty Reel

Kaiju #8 puts his own twist on the iconic relationship between Naruto and Kurama, but his version is somehow even more dysfunctional.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Kaiju #8 Chapter 73! The hit manga Kaiju #8 flipped and innovated on a variety of elements from different manga series that came before it, and now it’s adapting its own version of Naruto’s best relationship dynamic. Namely, the initially antagonistic but ultimately synergistic relationship between Naruto and the 9-Tailed Fox Kurama. However, there are more obstacles to overcome before smoothing out this relationship in Kaiju #8 than the number of obstacles present in Naruto.

Many of Naruto’s most important characters were the Jinchuriki, ninjas who contained one of the Legendary Tailed Beasts inside of them. In Kaiju #8, there is a similar concept. The Japanese Defense Force who aim to protect humans against Kaiju attacking Japan are able to use the remains of powerful defeated Kaiju to create powerful weapons that they can pair with suitable wielders. However, while many Jinchuriki could communicate with the spirits contained within them, most Kaiju weapon wielders cannot, making this comparison somewhat misleading for the most part. However, the manga’s brand new pair of Kaiju weapons and carriers change all that.

Recent Kaiju Chapters #8 (by Naoya Matsumoto) featured various Kaiju battles across Japan, with many powerful fighters deployed to fight off the wave of monsters attacking the land simultaneously. In Chapter 73, Hoshina enters the fray wielding a weapon made from Kaiju #10. This weapon is unique among the others in that her Kaiju can actually talk directly to Hoshina while they fight. He also has some control over his actions, which causes dangerous moments of dysfunction when Hoshina and Kaiju #10 disagree on how to fight. Part of this problem stems from the strength of each personality on their team. Each of them were incredibly powerful fighters before becoming a weapon and wielder and so each has a very strong opinion on how they should fight. Which makes it difficult for them to work in sync.

Hoshino and Kaiju #10 will struggle more than Naruto and Kurama

Hoshina’s relationship with Kaiju #10 is more dysfunctional than Naruto and Kurama’s. While Naruto and Kurama didn’t get along at first, their life of sharing a body made it easier for them to trust each other when they needed to. Hoshina and Kaiju #10 have each lived their own lives fighting on opposite sides, so they’re much less likely to trust the other. And a disagreement between the two can immobilize them, making them extremely vulnerable in combat. In contrast, Naruto was largely able to use Kurama’s chakra even when the 9-Tails were bound to his body against his will.

This is yet the latest example of Kaiju #8’s Matsumoto mangaka borrowing ideas from iconic mangakas like Naruto’s Masashi Kishimoto and putting his own spin on it. By reusing these ideas, Matsumoto can use them in creative and exciting ways. It remains to be seen exactly how Kaiju No.8’s version of Naruto and Kurama’s relationship will develop. But, no matter what, Naruto fans will enjoy seeing one of manga’s best relationships reimagined in a new context.

Kaiju #8 Chapter 73 is available to read on Viz Media.