Naruto and Minecraft the most sought after by children on the Internet

The anime, the Minecraft video game and memes are three of the contents preferred by children when using electronic devices, according to recent estimates by Kaspersky.

Minecraft Nether Update (Twitter).
Minecraft Nether Update (Twitter).

This specialized cybersecurity company has reviewed data such as search queries, most popular Android apps, and website categories voluntarily provided by users of its Kaspersky Safe Kids app to come to this conclusion.

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a parental control application available for Windows, Mac, App Store and Google Play, that offers tools that help adults protect the activities of the little onesas well as monitor their behavior and teach them self-control.

In order to launch an update of this service for iOS that meets these objectives, Kaspersky has carried out an analysis of this data, to explore the most popular interests of children between January and March 2022, as reported in a press release. press submitted to Europa Press.

According to these statistics, 34.3 percent of children search for content offered by ‘bloggers’, 17.3 percent use the Internet to search for music, followed by 16.7 percent, that you do it to watch movies, cartoons or TV shows. To a lesser extent (12%) they use the Internet to play video games.

YouTube and Minecraft celebrate the 'milestone' (Minecraft).
YouTube and Minecraft celebrate the ‘milestone’ (Minecraft).

In relation to the most viewed content platforms, YouTube stands out for being a leader in the time of use of childrens for several years, with 31.6 percent of users.

TikTok follows and its recommendation algorithm, with 19 percent, as well as WhatsApp (18%) and the Roblox game (7.5%), as well as the browser Chrome (7.3%) and the video game Brawl Stars, with 4.8 percent, are on the list of the main interests of children ‘online’.

In this sense, Kaspersky points out that the controlled version of YouTube Kids, especially designed and designed for children, is not exactly one of the most popular applications among children, with a share of only 2.1 percent.

Based on the data it has analyzed to improve Kaspersy Safe Kids, the company has determined what the main interests of the youngest users are. In this sense, stands out above the rest, among other formats, anime. The Naruto and My Hero Academia series are two of the most followed by children.

The premiere of Naruto Shippuden was in 2007. (Special)
The premiere of Naruto Shippuden was in 2007. (Special)

They are followed by animated memes, the most popular request among children, among which the Beluga cat stands out, as well as Minecraftone of the titles with the most underage players.

In this sense, the large community of followers that exist around this video game should be highlighted, on platforms such as YouTube or Twitch, which also generate large traffic from young users.

Other titles highlighted in this section are the MrBeast bloggers, with almost 97 million subscribers on YouTube, as well as the multiplayer platform Roblox and Brawls Stars.

The educational field also generates great interest among younger users. Some of the most popular queries include Geometry Dash, a 2D computer game, and Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, a YouTube channel that explains science with graphics and other visual expressions.