Naruto and Pokémon among the most used passwords by Mexicans in 2021

We Mexicans have an ingenuity that surprises almost everyone, however, when it comes to technology and especially in creating passwords, it seems that some people don’t think very well about it, and their password is the name of some anime character, which could be hacked in the blink of an eye very easily.

According to a study shared by NordPass, on the passwords most used by Mexicans during 2021 and which would be the easiest to discover by cybercriminals, you can find Pokemon Y Naruto. The first one is positioned in the 30th place and it only takes hackers a second to crack it, while the second one is in position 36 and it takes these criminals 3 hours to discover it.

On the other hand, Pokemon has been used 11 thousand 554 times or at least that many users have it as a password, while Naruto is the key for 10 thousand 611 users in the country. No doubt no matter how big an anime fan you are, we’re not sure if you password It should bear the name of your favorite character, series or technique, because not even they can save you that your social network account or some important website can save you.

Source: Special

Among the list also stand out that the most used password in Mexico is 123456 and it is used in more than 103 million accounts. Other words that they use as passwords are Hello, Mexico, Alejandro, Carlos, Qwerty, America, Chivas, Cruz Azul, Superman, butterfly and more.

It is a fact that today technology continues to advance and cybercriminals have found more advanced methods to crack victims’ passwords. This study shows that Mexico is one of the main countries with the highest incidence of cyberattacks.

And of course, if the passwords used are not at all secure, in addition to being easy to crack. Now you know that your password for social networks, banking services, emails and more, should not be “password”. If you have any of these, it is better that you change it as soon as possible.


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