Naruto and the brand of Michael Jordan announce an official collaboration

If you live balancing on the thin line between otaku and rapper, then you are very, very lucky since recently the sought-after brand sneakers Y clothing Michael Jordan announced an official collaboration with none other than Naruto.

The shinobi franchise has collaborated with many clothing and tennis brands throughout its existence, launching really great models for sale, perfect for fans of Masashi Kishimoto’s work. But never before had Naruto Uzumaki been encouraged to form an alliance with such a brand as Nike’s Jordan.

Can you imagine Air Jordans with a Konoha ninja design? It certainly sounds like a dream come true, both for anime lovers and sneaker collectors, a dream that will most likely come true accompanied by t-shirts and other items handled by the basketball player’s brand.

At the moment Jordan has only shared this tweet with the phrase “the shinobi path” telling his followers to stay tuned because more information is on the way. But by labeling Zion Williamson we could easily speculate that it’s about some collaboration in which the New Orleans Pelicans player will be part because on several occasions the athlete has shown his taste for Naruto and other anime.

And of course we can not ignore the incredible image where we can see the blond ninja with his outfit of Naruto: Shippūden handling that Rasengan like a basketball player.

Finally, it should be noted that at the moment no more details have been shared about the possible models of sneakers and othersbut we will be aware to marvel all together with this this collaboration between Naruto and Jordan that already promise enough.

What do you think of a collaboration between Naruto and Jordan?


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