Naruto anime is now available on Amazon Prime Video, but not in full

Naruto, What Dragon Ball Y Dragon Ball ZIt’s one of those animes that never go out of style. It doesn’t matter how much time passes or the fictions or manga that appear along the way, because he always manages to rise above all that with some audience results and followers to take his hat off. That yes, both Naruto, as the mentioned Dragon Ball or even One Piece, have had to evolve in order to maintain that high bar.

This afternoon we informed you that Hotel Transylvania: Transformania was already available on Amazon Prime Video, but It is not the only outstanding premiere on the platform that has taken place today, because thanks to an agreement with Select Vision, the first 52 episodes of the Naruto anime will also be available to subscribers to said streaming service. In other words, we can see the first bars of Naruto Uzumaki and his ninja story in the fictional home of Invincible. Series that, by the way, has its second season still without starting to “roll”, and that worries us.

Yes, oh yes!

The Naruto anime is already more than finished, just like the manga, but the story continues with Boruto In case you are interested in continuing to consume products that have the Hidden Leaf Village as the main territory. Is it worth getting started in Naruto because it is an unforgettable adventure, if you are into anime or animation, of course. Hopefully over time the series will grow on the platform. Don’t eat them all at once or you’ll have a monkey!