Naruto anime: where to watch all seasons online in Spanish (1-9)

in full 2022, watch the original Naruto anime is no longer a task attached to unofficial viewing portals or the chances of some television networks; but on-demand content portals have managed to get hold of the original anime license, no Shippuden (that will come soon, has confirmed SelectaVisión), so that there is a legal alternative and in Spanish in Spain with which to enjoy the origins of the most emblematic ninja in the history of shonen contemporary. Today we explain how and where can you watch Naruto online in full (Seasons 1-9).

How many seasons and chapters of Naruto are there?

In total there are 220 episodes in 9 seasons (about 20-22 minutes per episode) originally broadcast on TV Tokyo from October 2002 to February 2007, nine seasons with the Pierrot studio materializing in color and movement the vignettes of Masashi Kishimoto, original manga comic author.


Naruto is one of the most important manganime of all time. Started in the pages of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump of Shueisha in September 1999, the work of the then very young Masashi Kishimoto It was presented, like other bets such as One Piece, in the following prodigies called to take the helm of the Jump in the decade of the 2000. Far away were the Dragon Ball or Slam Dunk; a new era for Shonen was about to begin, one based on digitization and opening to the international market with more guarantees of success. The anime was a response to that interest, and there were the main western chains, Spain included, to bet fully on the Hidden Village of the Leaf.

Where can Naruto be seen?

It is possible to choose between of the platforms streaming content where you can see the nine complete seasons of Naruto in Spain: Prime Video y Crunchyroll. Here we explain how to see the 220 episodes of Naruto in full in each of them step by step:

  1. How to watch Naruto from Amazon Prime Video
  2. How to watch Naruto from Crunchyroll

How to watch Naruto online on Crunchyroll

The 220 chapters of Naruto can be seen on Crunchyroll in Japanese with Spanish subtitles. The nine seasons have the possibility of watching on mobile or tablet in offline mode through the app. Of course, Crunchyroll Premium is necessary for these additional functions and to watch the complete videos, have up to four devices at the same time and forget about advertising. Crunchyroll is currently priced at €6.49 per month; there is free trial.

Naruto Crunchyroll

Naruto en Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll has its own application for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. The app is free and can be downloaded from the PS Store and the Microsoft Store; To use it, you need to log in with an active account on the platform. We can also use Crunchyroll on Chromecast.

  • You can watch Naruto on Crunchyroll here.

How to watch Naruto online on Prime Video

Naruto Uzumaki is also in Prime Video, Amazon’s VOD platform that is increasingly expanding its catalog of anime series and movies thanks to its association with Selecta Visión. Like others, Prime Video can be used on Smart TVs, mobile phones, computers, tablets, Apple TV, Blu-ray players, Chromecast, and Xbox and PlayStation consoles. There are the nine seasons in full Castilian, the 220 episodes with the possibility of viewing content without prior download connection. The Prime Video subscription plans in Spain, with an updated date to these first bars of 2022, is €3.99 per month or €36.99 per year.


Naruto and NETFLIX

Prime It has its own application for PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, free and with the possibility of viewing content in 4K in the case of PS4 Pro, Xbox Series X | S and PS5.

  • You can watch Naruto on Prime Video here.

What sagas does Naruto cover (Seasons 1-9)?

The original Naruto series, directed by Hayato Date under the Pierrot studio on TV Tokyo, adapted the early 27 manga volumes (the series has a total of 72; from 28 to 72 is Naruto Shippuden). It should be said, however, that what is told of Naruto canonically is only the first 135 episodes.

Which part is canon and which part is filler?

Once you get to episode 135 (Just started Season 4) Naruto will have ended practically as such (only chapters 97, 99, 101 and chapters 101 to 106 are actual filler). From chapter 136 to 219 they are all filler, a total of 85 episodes with original content, sagas that are not narrated in the manga. Is it recommended to watch? That depends on each. Is its quality high enough to recommend it? Again, these are subjective issues: if you really like Naruto, maybe it’s worth watching the naruto filler chapters.

How to watch Naruto without filler?

If you are interested in watch only canonical naruto, in that case you have to watch from episode 1 to 135 with the exceptions mentioned (until the end of the Sasuke Recovery Mission Arc). Likewise, the chapters 141, 142 Y 220 they are canon; there is content that is told in the manga and that we do recommend seeing.

  • Naruto – canon episodes: from 1 to 96; 98; 100; 107 to 135; 141; 142 and 220.

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