Naruto: artificial intelligence shows the characters in real life

Naruto fans have plenty of reasons to love the animeand. Among the most outstanding is his soundtrack, the complexity of its characters, the development of its plot, among other things. That’s why when fan actions come up, they quickly go viral.

Recently, the YouTube channel, Anime Pluswas given the task of giving a more real look to the favorite characters of many Naruto fans.

This thanks to 3D design and animation programs added to Artificial Intelligence that helps give the drawings of the popular manga a hyperreal look.

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The super real result of the Naruto characters

In the audiovisual material you can see the aspects of the following characters: Naruto, Hinata, Orochimaru, Hiraya, Gaara, Sakura, Sasuke, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, Minato, Kakashi, Shisui, Itachi, Madara and Obito

The Anime Plus channel has 31.5 thousand subscribers and reaches more than 2 million views on its videos.

This would not be the first time that anime fanatic animators took on the task of “bringing life” to their favorite Naruto characters.

Ainomeis another digital illustrator who in the social network Redditpublished the appearance of his favorite characters from the Japanese animated series with the help of the program of AI named Artbreeder.

The result is simply magnificent, and allows us to perfectly imagine what the members of Team 7 would look like in our reality, since all their animated features have been replaced, humanizing them to the point of looking like flesh and blood people and leaving them ready to a live-action version of the series, highlights the medium Spaghetti Code.