Naruto: Artist from Costa Rica performs an impressive cosplay of Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha will always be considered one of the most representative characters of Naruto and one of the most iconic villains in the anime industry in general, so it is not surprising that fans keep it through different tributes, as is the case with the following cosplay.

Through his Instagram account, he cosplayer native of Costa Rica known as @noah_onineko has shared a series of photographs where it is possible to appreciate the extraordinary work he did when interpreting and bringing to life the most legendary of the shinobi of the Uchiha Clan.

And as we can see below, It’s about a cosplay round in every way with enormous attention to detail when recreating Madara Edo Tensei, as is the case with his peculiar clothing, hair and makeup that makes him look like a revenant.

Photo: @noah_onineko

As if that were not enough, the artist added a Photoshop edition in which it seems that the villain is performing one of his powerful jutsu of invocation, in which it is without a doubt one of the most impressive recreations that we have seen of the character created by Masashi Kishimoto.

In a second photograph, we can see how @noah_onineko decided to add the Uchiha’s legendary shinobi weapon, which was enough to face and defeat the entire ninja alliance of the five great Villages during the Fourth Ninja War.

Photo: @noah_onineko

To date, Madara remains one of the most popular and representative antagonists in the anime industry, and his appearance in Naruto during the last Ninja War is still remembered as one of the most epic appearances in the entire saga. Also, to say that the Costa Rican artist @noah_onineko is a real crack when playing characters Naruto, so we invite you to take a look at his instagram account to support his work and get a pleasant taste in your mouth with it.

what did you think of this cosplay that gives life to Madara Uchiha from the anime Naruto?


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