Naruto becomes Super Saiyan like in Dragon Ball thanks to a fabulous fanart | Spaghetti Code

Perhaps no one ever imagined that two anime franchises would come together or have an incredible crossover, however, it became reality and both Naruto What Dragon Ball got together, and not in the way you would have imagined as Naruto just discovered a new power together with Kurama.

Both animes have undoubtedly remained in the hearts of fans both of Naruto as of Goku, and so much has been the dream of seeing them together, that many have created different illustrations, however, this time Naruto has become a great warrior and it is thanks to this artist that we can see him in a new facet.

Naruto as Super Saiyan

Through Instagram, artist Seven Sing Art shared a fanart about Naruto, who we see in a different way despite the fact that he maintains his suit as we knew him in the anime, that is, his orange pants, with his ninja sandals and the fishnet shirt. But it seems that he has had a great battle with a powerful enemy, as he is shown with some injuries on his limbs and face.

Meanwhile, it can be seen that has found a new power or even a new way, since it appears with raised orange hair (remember that the hair of Naruto is yellow), while an aura of that same color is seen around the character and is somewhat very similar to the Super Saiyan form of Goku.

Meanwhile, as we can also observe, the aura has a rather peculiar shape, since they look like 9 tails and undoubtedly refer to the power of the Kyuubi or better known as the Nine-Tailed Fox, as well as a change in the eyes, which are very similar when the beast takes control of Naruto in the anime series.

Without a doubt it is an incredible combination between both animes and that makes us imagine how would it look Naruto with such power as that of the Saiyans, of course, considering that Kurama would also be involved. What did you think of this fanart?


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