Naruto: Boruto is redesigned in a way that is causing a sensation among fans

Just a few days ago Naruto finally arrived at Fortnite, and the fan base of the famous anime has been quite active since then. Now, a new creation by one of his followers has caught our attention, and it is the redesign of one of the characters with the most mixed feelings has left the most fans of Naruto. That’s right, we are talking about Boruto, the son of the mythical protagonist of the anime.

The Boruto redesign was uploaded to Naruto’s suberddit by user u / animehimmler. Here, the user has uploaded an illustration in which we can see several new designs for the character. From a totally new outfit, new eye design, hairstyle and hair color, as well as a series of expressions for Boruto’s face. The design is quite complete, and guides us in what its creator was looking for: a closest resemblance to Hinata, instead of Naruto.

Some fans have started talking about this new redesign, filling the user’s post with mixed reception. Some like the idea that Boruto bears a closer resemblance to Hinata, since at times it could feel like a redesign of the classic Naruto. Others have made small changes, like removing the headband. Another comment, for his part, is not so friendly and assures that «se ve terrible«, something that its creator has taken with enough humor.

Yes we’ve seen other Naruto universe redesigns before. Just a few days ago we showed you these minimalist versions of Itachi and Sasuke, and you can take them as wallpapers if you like them a lot. They have also created a Rock Lee female version of Naruto, and we found it fascinating, check it out!