Naruto: Brazilian model brings Konan to life in amazing cosplay

Konan became one of the spoiled kunoichi of the fandom of Naruto, thanks to her enormous skill as a ninja, her particular beauty and, particularly, her unusual technique that allows her to turn into thousands of explosive papers, which is why a talented Brazilian model has made a wonderful cosplay that brings her to life.

Through her official Instagram account, the artist known as @thaliathalinda.cosplay has shared a series of photos where we see an exact recreation of the ninja who was Pain’s right hand in the Akatsuki criminal organization.

As we can see below, the work is magnificent because it perfectly captures each of the representative elements of the character, as is the case with his purple hair, his black robe with red Akatsuki details, and even his fragmented face, giving the impression that he is about to use his lethal jutsu.

@thaliathalinda.cosplay / Instagram

Known as the paper angel, Konan is able to use a technique that allows her to turn thousands of pieces of paper, which can be used to damage enemies, or to infiltrate different contexts and espionage missions.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that Konan is one of the three rain orphans trained by Jiraiya during the Third Ninja War, so without a doubt her skills as a warrior are not in dispute, being a latent threat to the shinobi world when take the role of villain.

Photo: @thaliathalinda.cosplay / Instagram

It is worth saying that @thaliathalinda.cosplay has made a name for herself in the community thanks to her representations of Konan, because even the cosplayer different conventions have been presented interpreting said character, in addition to sharing several tutorial videos where he explains in detail the steps to become the kunoichi.

What do you think of this cosplay that gives life to Konan from the anime Naruto?


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