Naruto brings the most tragic death in his history

Naruto Uzumaki has been through a lot of pain in this life, but he always manages to get ahead, either because of the mettle he has forged over the years as hokage or for the support he has had from his close circle. Regardless of what happens, the Seventh Tribute rises again, be it a new threat or a powerful being that surpasses human limits, however there is something that even our hero cannot bear. Chapter 67 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has just brought the ninja closer to that precipice of loss and hopelessness after witnessing one of the most painful deaths.

The current arc of the manga It has had great moments like the farewell of Kurama, the nine-tailed fox and Naruto’s lifelong companion, but the last farewell could have been the one that broke the hokage’s psyche. The last chapter of the manga ended with Boruto taking his own life with the help of Kawaki to prevent Momoshiki from hurting Naruto and ending the village.. Even though the Hokage tried to stop the attack, he was too late and had to watch his first son die from afar.

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This chapter begins with Naruto in denial and plunged into great sadness, his emotional outburst shook the emotions of the public that follows Masashi Kishimoto’s manga week after week. After running towards his son, Naruto can no longer fight, because what he loved the most has just escaped from his arms, he couldn’t protect even his own son. In the midst of the battlefield, his will to live is tested again and again. Not even Shikamaru can communicate with his friend. once he breaks free from Code, the Nara leader admits that he has never seen Naruto so shaken. “Shikamaru, am I dreaming this?” Naruto asks as Kawaki continues his fight with Code around him. “This didn’t really happen, did it? Tell me this is all a lie!”

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Boruto Naruto Next Generations 67: It’s not the end yet

As you can imagine, Naruto has felt a lot of pain in his life and said goodbye to loved ones before. From the Third Hokage to Jiraiya and Neji, the list of dead is long. Naruto has mourned those losses, but nothing compares to the emotions fans can see here. The death of Naruto’s only son is enough to destroy the Hokage.

Fortunately, her pain did not last long. In true shonen style, Boruto was revived with the reluctant help of Momoshiki, because his death would have meant that his only receptacle to be alive would have disappeared forever. This being explains that the cells he needed were reaching 82% recovery, but that a dead body was useless to him. Either way, this twist in the story will allow Momoshiki to never reincarnate again, or at least that’s what he confessed to the young ninja. It’s not safe for the boy to say how long he has left to live, because of karma, so Naruto could still easily lose his child.

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Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki (大筒木モモシキ, Ōtsutsuki Momoshiki) was a member of the main family of the Ōtsutsuki Clan, one of the strongest in history, who traveled in search of Chakra in order to obtain power and eternal longevity. After his death at the hands of Boruto Uzumaki, Momoshiki chose him as his vessel by granting him a Karmaa power that would end up turning him into his body.

In the anime, Momoshiki stated that he could have defeated Kaguya single-handedly, at some point showing that he had enough power to effortlessly destroy an entire world and its population, although he stated that they were a low level civilization. He is capable of holding his own against multiple Kage-level opponents simultaneously, as well as defeating a perfect Jinchūriki. This is shown after absorbing Kinshiki, when he created a powerful and massive gust of wind that cut the God Tree from his world, and was even able to defeat four Kages at the same time with extreme ease, being able to fight even against Naruto. and Sasuke at the same time, along with their children.

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