Naruto Brings The Uchiha Massacre To Life In This Live-Action Short

naruto remains one of the greatest anime series to ever make the rounds, and fans have paid homage to its best scenes in all sorts of ways. From art to cosplays and beyond, the fandom will do just about anything to hype the series. Of course, few fans have gone as far as RE:ANIME to celebrate. narutoand the studio’s latest live-action short brings one of Itachi’s most emotional scenes to life.

The video, which can be seen above, brings the Uchiha massacre to life in a whole new way. The short is only a few minutes long, but it pits Itachi against his most feared adversaries: his parents. Naruto fans will remember the conversation Itachi had with his mother and father before he was forced to kill them, and RE:ANIME adapted it for live action.

Itachi is shown in shadow through Kento Matsunami as he prepares to take down his parents despite his tears. Nobuaki Shimamoto plays Itachi’s father while his mother comes to life with Chikako Fukuyama. At the end, fans can even hear Sasuke as the young boy’s voice is performed by Rie Yoshida in this naruto short.

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From his framing to his acting, this quiet scene shows the kind of turmoil Itachi had to deal with during the Uchiha massacre. naruto might have made the ninja a villain when it started, but fans know the narrative changed hands the moment Naruto Shippuden ended. Itachi’s massacre was done out of mercy as his clan plotted to overthrow the Hidden Leaf. To save his village and his people, Itachi chose to kill his clan, his younger brother being the only exception. And now, fans can experience his harrowing plan in a new way through RE:ANIME.

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