Naruto celebrates Sakura’s birthday with this great illustration

A great tribute this ninja deserves

One of the three main protagonists of Naruto has been Sakura, who would become Tsunade’s successor. Although in the last plot arcs he has lost relevance within the story, contrary to his other two companions of the legendary Team 7, it seems that the official Twitter account of the franchise has not forgotten about it. March 27 is the birthday of this ninja and this date coincides with the time of cherry blossoms (Sakura) in Japanso they shared an official image that brings these two sides together.

For a part of the fando, Sakura Haruno has become a key figure in both series, both in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation and in its two prequels, so it is not surprising that they pay tribute to her with some works of art for her birthday, but it is surprising that this comes from the official account. The photography for this art piece was taken at the official theme park for this series in Japan. As you can see below, the attraction published an original tribute dedicated to Sakura for her birthday with a completely charming result.

After all, Sakura is shown standing amongst some real-life cherry blossom trees as they bloom in Japan. This small figure of the heroine is located inside a blossoming tree, and the pink tones of it are mixed. After all, Sakura is known for her light pink hair, so it blends with the nature behind her along with her yukata, a traditional Japanese outfit worn at this time of year to go bird watching. cherry blossoms grow.

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The importance of Sakura in the Naruto franchise

As we mentioned before, the inclusion of Sakura to promote the Naruto theme park is not a topic that should surprise us. She played an important role during the Fourth Ninja War in the final attack against the villains, as well as assisting as a medical ninja thanks to Katsuyu, the slug she can summon to heal a larger number of allies. In fact, for this last act of bravery she became Tsunade’s worthy successor.

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As you can imagine, Naruto fans are obsessed with this tribute, and Sakura has been trending around the world from March 27 to the date of publication of this article. It’s still a big event in the fandom every time a character in this series has a birthday, and none are celebrated like Team 7’s.. But of course, no one in anime is as hyped as Naruto when his birthday comes every October!

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