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On October 3, 20 years ago, the world witnessed the beginning of the unbreakable ninja path of a young man with blond hair and mustache marks on his cheeks.who managed to overcome the prejudice and loneliness that marked his childhood to become a great ninja and become the “Hokage” of the Hidden Leaf Village.

However, two decades ago, that mischievous and impulsive boy was still fighting against the scorn received from the villagers and seeking to be recognized by everyone, and he managed to prove himself so that he could start his journey to become the best Shinobi in the world. his hidden village.

I never give up, and I will never go back on my word, that is my Ninja Way!“.

This Monday marks 20 years since the premiere of “Naruto”which debuted on October 3, 2002 in Japan by the hand of Pierrot studiogiving the go to one of the most popular series of Japanese animation, one that is still very much alive thanks to the adventures of the new generation that it presents “Boruto”.

The anime adaptation of the manga Masashi Kishimotodespite its terrible fillings, managed to conquer an entire generation and remains one of the most successful franchises worldwide. And it helped a lot for ramen to spread outside of Asia..

To celebrate 20 years since the series premiere, the anime released a series of illustrations that focus on three specific times in the life of “Naruto” and the “Shinobis” and “Kunoichi” with a heart of gold who won the affection of so many, presenting some of the most important moments that took place in the anime

From the first great fight between “Naruto” and “Sasuke” and the danger that “Akatsuki” meant, to the Fourth Shinobi World War with the threat of “Kaguya”, it is a great review of the different eras that marked “Naruto” in the animation.

The story of ‘Naruto’ and other young Shinobi with a heart of gold has changed the world and touched the hearts of millions of people in the last 20 years.“.

naruto20 1

Stay on the right path even when the world turns its back on you“.

naruto20 2

Strong bonds can overcome everything that seems impossible“.

naruto20 3

These illustrations were released this Monday at the official site of “Naruto” be activated worldwidealso revealing a message from Kishimoto himself in gratitude for the 20 years of the animation of his creation.

“Anniversary of the anime!! Sending everyone a ‘Thank You’ with the Multi-Shadow Cloning Jutsu!!”expressed the excited mangaka.

And he also anticipated important announcements for this year on the occasion of the celebrations: “It is the 20th anniversary of the Naruto anime! To celebrate it, the ‘Naruto official site’ is open not only in Japan, but throughout the world so that everyone the world enjoy it. As this is a big anniversary year, a lot of projects are being planned, so please check out this website for exciting information! I hope everyone looks forward to it!“.

Today you can relive the entire adventure in “Naruto” and its sequel “Naruto ShippÅ«den”, along with the sequel “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations”, on Crunchyroll streaming.