Naruto: clue suggests that a new game in the franchise is close

Naruto: clue suggests that a new game in the franchise is close

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a new game of Naruto is coming? This was suggested by an insider earlier this year. The informant excited many players, as he stated that Bandai Namco was already working on the next installment of the saga Ultimate Ninja Storm.

Since April we had not had more information about it, but this morning more clues about this rumored project emerged. The thing is, a Bandai Namco registration mentioning the Ultimate Ninja Storm brand has come to light, so fans are already expecting an imminent announcement.

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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm would return, according to recent clue

Players shared a reddit an interesting finding: the record of a game called Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections. The brand makes a clear reference to the Naruto games and is also in the name of Bandai Namco.

The trademark registration was recently filed, so fans of the franchise are expecting a possible reveal in the coming weeks or months. The name of the project does not make it clear if it will be a new installment or a relaunch of the saga.

On the other hand, Bandai Namco has not confirmed the existence of a new title of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, so the information is for now a simple rumor. Despite this, there are players hoping to see Ultimate Ninja Storm 5which could focus on boruto.

There are even people already waiting for its revelation for The Game Awards 2022, an event that will be held on December 8. It is worth noting that nothing is confirmed, so it is best to wait for Bandai Namco to clarify the situation.

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