“Naruto” comes to HBO Max: how many episodes are available?

When Naruto Uzumaki was just a newborn baby, the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, gave his life to invoke the Shiki Fjin and seal this creature inside the little one. As an orphan and recipient of the evil Kurama, he grew up as an outcast and suffered from teasing, insults, and mistreatment until his teens. Lonely and helpless, he devoted more of his attention to mischief than studies until a mentor inspires him to become a great ninja.

At the Ninja Academy, all the students are divided into three Genin groups and Naruto is assigned to sensei Hatake Kakashi along with Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. The trio of youngsters didn’t get along all that well at first, but each challenge and traumatic experience brings them together, while darkness looms over them from the shadows to separate them.


HBO Max released the first 52 episodes of the anime within its catalog.

The first season of Naruto in hbo max It has 52 episodes and covers until the arc of the chunin exams, the rank that follows after genin and is only earned through battles and a knowledge test. In total, there are 220 episodes that narrate the adventures of the charismatic and clumsy blond boy during the beginning of his ninja path in his adolescence until when he decides to leave for two and a half years to train with Master Jiraiya.

Narutoa successful anime that remained for decades

In August 1996, cartoonist and writer Masashi Kishimoto published a story, a single chapter (one shot) for the magazine Akamaru Kimp, but decides to extend it in November of that same year in collaboration with the publisher Shueisha for the successful weekly magazine Shōnen Jump. The success it accumulated in its graphic serialization led it to be animated in 2002, the year in which the pilot premiered on the TV Tokyo network.


The story of "Naruto" follow in the footsteps of the ninja during his childhood and early adolescence. 

The story of “Naruto” follows the footsteps of the ninja during his childhood and early adolescence.

The entire phase of childhood and early adolescence of the protagonist was grouped into Narutowhich finished airing in 2007. To make a difference with his life from the age of 17 onwards, a new production was launched under the title of Naruto Shippuden and aired for 500 episodes between 2007 and 2017. In their long airtime, movies based on both television series were released in theaters.

Although the story of Naruto Uzumaki was thought to end five years ago with the ending that Kishimoto wrote for the manga, another generation of ninja was born. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations it debuted as a sequel to the original manga in 2016 and was adapted into an anime the following year. To date, it continues to be broadcast and allows us to follow not only the adventures of Naruto’s son, but also the famous characters we met in the past story.