Naruto confirms his arrival in Warner Bros. programming. Will he appear on Multiversus? – Senpai

There have been rumors about the arrival of the naruto anime to the programming of the Warner Bros. channel. Although without concrete proof, at least until now, as the latest announcement of the channel has confirmed that it will become the new home of the blond ninja (and the shinobi world).

Yes indeed, Naruto will arrive at Warner Bros. sometime in 2022, or at least that’s what is expected after WB will show its programming grid that will take place from December.

For now, the number of episodes or the specific release date remains a mystery that we hope will be solved next year.

Will Naruto make it to Warner Bros. “Smash”?

A couple of weeks ago the first look at Multiversus as the company’s first brawler video game where characters from its programming appear fighting in the purest style of Super Smash Ultimate.

The arrival of Naruto Warner Bros. opens the possibility that this and other Masashi Kishimoto characters appear in the video game developed by Player First Games.

Naruto and the ninjas of team 7 have already managed to enter Provided before a new chapter of this game ends. Can we see Naruto as a selectable character from Multiversus from Warner Bros? for now this idea is a coin that we hope will fall in our favor.

With information from: Warner Bros.


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