Naruto confirms that one of his most classic characters is LGBTQ

A new representation of the collective arrives in the manga.

Today, many admire Japan for some social aspects such as its low crime rate, but the truth is that the Japanese country leaves much to be desired in other aspects, since, for example, equal rights are prohibited, this being something that quite limits the rights of the LGTBI collective. In fact, this leads to measures such as Nintendo’s apply the same rights to homosexual and heterosexual couples has been very well received.

In any case, despite everything, it seems that the East Asian islands are taking one step after another to improve this situation, an example of which is the fact that One Piece has confirmed two LGTBI characters in the Wano arc, which has recently come to a close. And it seems that if One Piece has representation, Now it’s Naruto’s turn..

A classic Naruto villain is part of the LGTBI community


Naruto is the great protagonist of his homonymous anime and manga

This revelation has been made in the Boruto chapter 3.5, in which we have been able to learn more about the relationship between Mitsuki and Orochimaru, the latter being a classic Naruto villain who has tried to obtain immortality among many other actions. And it is as a result of a conversation between the two that it has been possible to know that Orochimaru is gender non-binary..

Given this, it should be noted that the conversation derives from the fact that Mitsuki is Orochimaru’s son/clone., thus giving rise to ask the latter if he is his father or his mother. The villain’s response is that It doesn’t matter if it’s one or the otherimplying that it is a non-binary person and thus deriving the inclusion of the collective in the Naruto manga.

Of course, it should be noted that, despite everything, the announcement has not been without some debatebut not from the side that has singled out Lightyear movies as harmful because of a kiss, but rather because of the fact that a villain is the first LGTBI representative of Naruto, since, although it is true that in Boruto he has relaxed a lot, in the original manga he committed deplorable and very questionable acts. Time will tell if he turns out to be the only character we’ll see in the manga or if more will arrive over time.